Watch mobile phones

Watch mobile phones are the latest trend in handsets. Leave your conventional phone behind and get yourself a watch mobile phone.

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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Black
  • HTC One M8 Black

Watch mobile phones

Watch mobile phones team the functionality of a wristwatch with a fully functional modern mobile phone. With consumers growing increasingly tired of conventional mobile phone designs, innovative watch mobile phones have struck a chord with fashion-conscious phone buyers. And so popular have they become that watch mobile phones are now available from top brands such as LG, Samsung and sWaP.

Why choose a watch mobile phone?

  • In a world of homogenous mobile phones, watch mobile phones really make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Instead of carrying your mobile around with you, watch mobile phones allow you to travel light by wearing your handset on your wrist.

  • Owners of watch mobile phones claim that they are less likely to lose them than conventional handsets.

  • The latest watch mobile phones utilise intuitive cutting-edge touchscreen interfaces, which make them a breeze to use.

  • All watch mobile phones now feature Bluetooth support, so you’ll be able to talk hands-free.

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Choosing a watch mobile phone

Because the watch mobile phone market is still relatively new there are fewer models to choose from compared with standard mobile phones. However, that’s likely to change with more and more manufacturers set to bring out their own watch mobile phones.

Popular watch mobile phones are available from a range of manufacturers, including LG, Samsung and even business phone specialists BlackBerry. A range of watch phone style accessories are also on sale, most notably Sony Ericsson's LiveView, which gives you a quick peek into social network updates, notifications and more.

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The future of watch mobile phones

As the market for watch mobile phones grows, new waterproof models are also due to arrive, along with watch mobile phones aimed at women and teenagers.

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