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BlackBerry Storm phones explained

Touchscreen user interfaces, QWERTY keyboards and all the superb email functionality for which BlackBerry phones are renowned come together in the Storm range. If you’re serious about staying in the loop wherever you are, there’s no better handsets.

Why choose a BlackBerry Storm?

QWERTY keyboards

All BlackBerry Storm phones feature physical QWERTY keyboards. These are perfect for entering large amounts of text quickly and easily and are far less fiddly and altogether more accurate than touchscreen text entry systems. As a result, Storm smartphones are perfect for efficient email and text correspondance. QWERTY keyboards are also a boon when you need to work on documents while you're on the go.

Push email

BlackBerry phones' popularity is in part founded on their email systems. With push email, messages are sent directly to owners' phones. That means they'll be able to respond to them as fast as they would at home and never need miss an important mail.

Document editors

Onboard the Storm range you'll find software that enables you to edit documents created in all key Microsoft Office packages, including Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Plus, you can amend PDFs too. Choose a Storm phone and you'll be carrying your office with you wherever you go.


Although QWERTY keyboards are used for text entry, all other functions of the Storm range can be accessed by their touchscreens. To make these easy to use, the touchscreens feature manufacturer's Research in Motion's patented SurePress system. This capacitive feedback technology makes the phone vibrate when to let users know that their command has been registered.

BlackBerry Storm touchscreens are also fun to use and make for a highly intuitive smartphone experience. Why choose between a QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen when you can get both with the Storm range?

A-GPS support & BlackBerry Maps

BlackBerry's exclusive mapping software comes pre-installed in the Storm range. Teamed with the handset's A-GPS support, it enables Storm mobiles to double as brilliant satellite navigation devices, giving turn-by-turn directions to users to help them get to their destination no matter remote or unfamiliar their locale.

A-GPS is a much more efficient technology than older GPS technology and overcomes the technical and reception problems that blighted its predecessor for a truly next-generation smarphone sat-nav experience.

Powerful processors

High quality Qualcomm processors are the heart of Storm mobiles. These keep the handsets running fast and smoothly at all times, making them a joy to use.

Expandable memory

As you'd expect from phones that are tailor-made for enterprise users, Storm phones offer microSD card support. This means you'll have masses of storage space for all your work files, music, photos and applications you've downloaded.


RIM's App World online software market boasts hundreds of appealing applications. These take in everything from fun games to more useful titles that can optimise your mobile's storage and travel apps.

Modern smartphone functionality

Alongside these functions, Storm mobiles are home to all the kind of features you'd expect in modern smartphones too, including a plethora of connectivity options to get online with, media players and web browsers to keep you entertained and in the loop, cameras and personal organisers.

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Which networks offer BlackBerry Storm deals?

The burgeoning fan base for RIM phones means that BlackBerry Storm deals are now available from all major UK networks. Some carriers even offer BlackBerry Storm deals that bundle the handset together with some great free gifts, such as games consoles and widescreen TVs.

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Are BlackBerry Storm phones just for business users?

Initial take up for BlackBerrys was from the business market - thanks largely to their advanced email functionality, which made them perfect for people who travel extensively with their work. However, they have since found support with all kinds of mobile phone users and are a great choice for anyone who uses their mobile extensively for messaging.

Better still, the explosion in popularity of BlackBerry phones has seen prices fall hugely, making them more and more affordable.

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