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Mobile phone models

With so many mobile phone models from all the top mobile phone manufacturers, choosing can be tough. So get some help from our handy mobile phone model guide.

Since the mid 1990s mobile phones have experienced a meteoric rise in usage and popularity. The latest mobile phone models are more than just a phone; they are high-end digital cameras, video cameras, personal organisers, gaming systems, satellite navigations devices and music players.

For many, the right mobile phone model is more than a handy gadget to help you keep in touch with family and friends; it's the ultimate in multimedia device, and in some cases, a fashion statement too.

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Models and manufacturers

It’s important not to get mobile phone models confused with mobile phone manufacturers. Generally one mobile phone manufacturer makes several models of mobile phone. Some of the biggest mobile manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung and HTC Ericsson have dozens if not hundreds of mobile phone models on the market at any one time.

You will find that you will not be able to buy every mobile phone model made by the biggest mobile manufacturers, as earlier mobile models are replaced with newer designs.

Nokia models

Nokia are one of the most well known and trusted mobile phone manufacturers in the world. Their range of mobile phone models is huge, with mobile models traditionally given a three or four digit number at the end like the Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia’s most cutting-edge, most high-tech mobile phone models are in those in the Windows Phone range. Its NSeries range is also incredibly powerful and come with advanced multimedia and personal computing capabilities.

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Sony mobile phone models

Sony smartphone models are known for their multi-functionality, particularly as media players and cameras. Its Xperia range, most of which run on the Android operating system, are arguably its best, most high-end handsets.

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BlackBerry mobile phone models

BlackBerry mobile phone models are business-orientated smartphones that offer a range of wireless communication functions, including enterprise e-mail and super-fast web browsing capabilities.

BlackBerry phones are also incredibly popular for their secure instant messaging service, known as the BlackBerry Messenger, which has increasingly found favour with young users.

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Picking the right model

There are so many mobile phone models available that choosing the one to best suit your needs can be difficult. You need to think about whether you are looking for a mobile phone model from a particular manufacturer or one with particular functions and applications.

If you are looking for a mobile phone model with a particular feature or function, you should be able to find and compare all mobile models with those functions on one of our comparison pages.

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