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Newest mobile phones – what do they offer?

What makes the newest mobile phones so sought-after? Find out everything you need to know about the newest phones here.

Communications technology is racing forward daily, and nowhere is the pace of change more pronounced than in the world of smartphones.

Each week sees the release of new cutting-edge mobiles, bringing with them ever more advanced, practical functions that promise to revolutionise communication and entertainment on the go.

Here we’ll be looking at why you might choose one of the newest phones over an older model and explaining just what kind of functions you can expect to find when you opt for a brand new mobile.

Do I need a new mobile phone?

The first thing to do when deciding what kind of new mobile phone you require is to look at how you use your current mobile. For instance, if you really only use your handset for calls and texts, it’s probably a good idea to opt for a less multi-functional phone. This will not only save you money, it will also mean that you don’t end up paying for a host of features that you make little use of.

Conversely, if you want to take advantage of the all the great applications, or apps, that modern phones offer, or want to take studio quality pictures with your handset and download high-definition videos on the go, it might be worth your while paying for a higher end device.

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Are new phones expensive?

The march of technology means that features which were once exclusive to top range handsets are now standard on cheaper, mid-range phones. These now offer everything from customisable home screen layouts to preinstalled apps, services and integrated social networking. Consequently, if you’re an astute shopper you can get a great, feature-packed mobile for not much outlay.

Naturally, the latest, top-end phones will offer more in the way of features and will come with a higher price tag that reflects this. However, opting for a new phone on a monthly contract deal allows you to spread out your payments for the handset, making the best mobiles eminently affordable for anyone.

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What kind of new phones are there?

Why choose a new phone when your old one is fine for calling and texting? It’s a good question, however, it’s one that’s easily answered by looking at what new phones offer beyond basic functionality.

Camera phones

Cameras on mobile phones are improving all the time, and because camera phones are now home to high-end lenses and excellent photo-editing software, they’re now so good that you can say goodbye to your dedicated digital camera forever.

Just as impressive are new cameraphones’ video recording capabilities. Buyers can record in rich high definition and enjoy the results on terrific super high density displays, or even on their TVs and computers. They also benefit from video editing software – perfect for putting together neat little home movies right on the handset.

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Android phones

These are super powerful mobiles that use Google’s trendy Android operating system. Key features of an Android phone include the option to download tens of thousands of free and paid for apps, powerful processors for multi-tasking, gorgeous, easy to use touchscreen user interfaces and the option to customise the phone’s layout.

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Touchscreen phones

As the term 'touchscreen' suggests, these are handsets that substitute a traditional physical keypad for a touchscreen user interface. Instead of trawling through endless complicated menus, you can simply press the screen to access features. This makes using a mobile quicker and more intuitive than ever.

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Apple’s smartphones are regarded as perhaps the best phones around – a fact born from their huge sales across the globe. They team incredible premium design with slick user interfaces, seamless integration of features, multi-tasking and much, much more.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of iPhones, though, is the sheer range of apps available. With hundreds of thousands of titles available to download from the App Store online software market, including tonnes of fun games and more practical business orientated tools, you can enhance the capabilities of your handset daily.

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Push email enabled phones

Push email is a service whereby phone owners are sent new emails directly to their handset, as soon as they arrive in the mail server. Select a push email enabled phone and you’ll be able to respond to important mails faster than ever before.

QWERTY keyboard phones

These are handsets that come with a physical keyboard instead of a touchscreen, making it quick and easy to enter text for emails and documents. They’re a perfect choice for anyone who uses their phone for extensive emailing or text messaging. Some of the best phones for this purpose are BlackBerry phones and models in Nokia’s ESeries and NSeries range.

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Buying the newest phones outright

Some phone fans prefer to buy an unlocked new handset rather than signing up for a contract, which could tie them in for up to three years. They can then find a SIM only deal suitable to their needs, free to swap to another network any time they like.

However, there are some disadvantages to this. The main is that the newest handsets can cost up to £600 to buy without a contract – a payment that would be spread out over many months if you had opted to pay monthly. People who choose SIM only deals also miss out on free upgrades to the newest models when their contracts expire.

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