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Understanding pay monthly phone deals

Considering a pay monthly phone deal? Read our guide to what to look for and ensure you get the best pay monthly offer around.

Pay monthly phone deals refer to contract offers that bundle together a new phone with a set amount of allowance for talk-time, texts and Internet usage. Pay monthly phones are available across all major UK networks and are some of the best value offers around.

Why choose a pay monthly phone deal?

Perhaps the biggest advantage of pay monthly phones is that – unlike pay as you go offers - they offer buyers the chance to get their hands on the latest smartphones with either no upfront free or a very small one-off cost.

Given that the best, most cutting-edge smartphones can cost up to £600 to buy outright, this is a key selling point of pay monthly deals that is not to be underestimated.

However, it is worth remembering that although there is no initial charge for the handset, it is not free. In reality, the cost of the pay monthly mobile phone you choose is spread over the course of the contract. In effect, you are paying for it in instalments.

Another major advantage of pay monthly phones is that the usage limits offered by networks are much more generous than they are on pay as you go plans. This applies to call minutes, as well as text message and mobile Internet allowances. So although the total cost of the contract is greater than if you were buying the phone outright, you are also making tremendous savings in using the handset over that period of time.

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Pay monthly usage limits

Apart from making sure that you pick a handset that you’ll enjoy using for at least, the other important consideration when looking at pay monthly phones are the usage limits.

If you’re a heavy texter, it’s a good idea to choose a pay monthly phone contract that offers you a large SMS allowance every month. By the same token, if you’re more inclined to make a lot of calls, call minutes should be uppermost in your mind.

If you’re choosing a cutting-edge smartphone, you should definitely consider a deal with ample mobile data allowance. This will enable you to browse the web, download apps, stream music and videos and take advantage of all the online features that your new pay monthly smartphone offers without worrying about exceeding your limit.

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Contract lengths for pay monthly deals

The main disadvantage of pay monthly phones is that they require you to sign up for a contract that will tie you down for up to 24 months. What’s more, it’s now increasingly difficult to find 12 month contracts, with 18 and 24 month durations becoming much more common. For this reason, it’s vital that you choose the right phone before you commit to a deal.

Most networks will usually allow you to swap your phone for another unit or model, provided you notify them that you’re unhappy with it within a set period. However, after this period it is unlikely that you will be allowed to exchange it.

One way to avoid being saddled with an unsuitable phone is to closely study its specifications. To help you in this respect, uSwitch runs full details of the phones available on the site, as well as easy-to-read descriptions of their key features.

Pay monthly vs pay as you go

We’ve outlined some of the major selling points of pay monthly phones above. However, pay as you go phones are not without their advantages either.

In contrast to a pay monthly phone customer bound to a contract, someone on a pay as you go deal is free to seek out a better deal at any time. If flexibility is what you’re after, it may be better to choose pay as you go.

Many light mobile phone users also find pay as you go deals more suitable to their needs. This is because with pay monthly contracts, customers can often end up paying for calls, text and data allowances for which they have little need.

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