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TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink £120 Voucher

TalkTalk Unlimited Broadband

TalkTalk SimplyBroadband. Only pay for calls you use, nothing more. Ideal if you don't use many landline calls. Free wireless router.

Online exclusive: 6 months HALF PRICE + FREE router & FREE connection (worth £30) FREE £120 VOUCHER when you buy online!

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 12 months £1.75 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
Virgin Super Hub
Roundel Yellow uSwitch Exclusive

Virgin Media 50Mb Broadband & Phone

Fibre optic broadband, unlimited downloads, free wireless router & unlimited weekend calls to landlines and Virgin mobile numbers.

EXCLUSIVE at uSwitch - £4 package deal. EVEN FASTER 50Mb fibre broadband + FREE Super Hub & free install worth £49.95!

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up to* 50Mb
unlimited 12 months £4.00 price details Buy now 0808 168 8217
Sky Hub Black
Roundel Blue 12 Months Discount

Sky Unlimited Broadband & Calls

Totally unlimited broadband with no usage caps. Inclusive weekend calls & unlimited Sky WiFi included. Sky TV not required.

Online offer: ONLY £3.75 FOR 12 MONTHS. Totally unlimited broadband & free Sky Hub FREE Sky Wifi on the go & no usage caps!

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 12 months £3.75 price details Buy now 0844 241 0873
Brightbox - EE
Roundel Yellow Better Than Half Price Small

EE Unlimited Broadband and Calls

Free Norton Security for 12 months, 2 for 1 cinema tickets every wednesday, unlimited weekend calls + no broadband usage limits.

NEW DEAL: BETTER THAN HALF PRICE plus 2 for 1 cinema tickets every wednesday & free Bright Box wireless router (worth £95)

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 12 months £2.50 price details Buy now 0800 787 0958
Technicolour TG582
Roundel Pink £75 Off 2

Plusnet Unlimited Broadband and Calls

Unlimited broadband with weekend calls included. Free wireless router. Free activation. Free UK-based customer support.

Online EXCLUSIVE: Better than half price. ONLY £2.49 for 12 MONTHS (was £9.99) + FREE activation + FREE £75 CASHBACK!

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 12 months £2.49 price details Buy now 0808 271 9241
Virgin Super Hub
Roundel Yellow 12 Month Discount

Virgin Media Big Easy Bundle

Fibre broadband, 60+ TV channels (including HD) & home phone. Free TiVo 500GB, wireless router & unlimited weekend calls.

Online offer: 12 MONTH PRICE DROP plus FREE 500GB TiVo box, FREE Super Hub & FREE install & 6 MONTHS FREE NETFLIX!

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up to* 50Mb
unlimited 18 months £15.00 price details Buy now 0808 168 8217
Bt HomeHub 5 Front
Sainsbury £50 Large

BT Infinity Broadband & Calls

Get BT's NetProtect Plus with fibre broadband + weekend calls. Free Wireless Home Hub 5, basic McAfee security, & free connection.

Online Exclusive: FREE for 6 MONTHS! Plus FREE BT Sport (app & online) & FREE router plus a FREE £50 Sainsbury's Gift Card!

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up to* 38Mb
20GB 18 months £16.00 price details Buy now 0800 691 1783
EE Bright Box 2 Router Fibre
Roundel Yellow Better Than Half Price Small

EE Unlimited Fibre Broadband & Calls

Free Norton security with free Bright Box 2 router (worth £95), weekend calls plus 2-for-1 cinema tickets every Wednesday.

BETTER THAN HALF PRICE for 6 months + HALF PRICE install & FREE Norton security + 2 for 1 cinema tickets every Wednesday!

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up to* 38Mb
unlimited 18 months £5.00 price details Buy now 0800 787 0958
TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink £120 Voucher

TalkTalk Plus TV, Broadband & Phone

Totally unlimited broadband & anytime calls. Pause, rewind and record TV from the last 7 days plus Freeview, blockbusters & box sets.

Online offer: HALF PRICE FOR 6 MONTHS! plus a FREE YouView box worth £299 plus FREE £120 VOUCHER when you buy online!

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 18 months £9.25 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
Virgin Super Hub
Roundel Yellow No Line Rental

Virgin Media 50Mb Broadband Only

Standalone super-fast fibre optic broadband with free wireless router. Unlimited downloads. Typically installed in 7 days.

Even faster 50Mb broadband. Plus no phone line means NO MONTHLY LINE RENTAL CHARGE!

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up to* 50Mb
unlimited 12 months £26.50 price details Buy now 0808 168 8217
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*The "up to" speed displayed in Mb is the maximum possible speed you are likely to receive for this product. The actual speed you will get depends on your cabling, your area and (with non-fibre optic products) time of day and how far you are from the telephone exchange. Most providers will tell you the likely speed you will receive when you begin your online sign up - this may differ from the speed displayed in the table.

Fast broadband explained

Technology is improving all the time and broadband is no different. We can now stream television, download films and music and, in order to keep up, broadband is getting faster and faster! Depending on your location, you can now get broadband speeds of up to 330Mbps!

Fast broadband: the UK's fastest broadband deals!

See who won the fastest broadband award in the annual uSwitch Broadband Awards

What is fast broadband? And what is broadband speed?

The speed of your broadband signifies the speed at which information transfers from the internet to your computer. So a connection speed of 8Mbps can transfer eight megabytes of information per second.

It is worth noting that the speed of your connection only refers to your download speed; your upload speed tends to be slower. Currently, the fastest high-speed broadband available in the UK is 330Mbps, a speed that allows consumers to download songs in a matter of seconds and movies in minutes and is only available with BT's Infinity service.

Unfortunately, the 330Mbps service is currently solely on offer in areas where BT has updated its fibre optic broadband network. However, BT's 'up to 76Mbps' service and Virgin Media's 152Mbps offering are also super fast and are much more widely available. If you're an urban area, there's a very, very good chance of you being able to sign up.

Other providers such as Plusnet and EE use BT's fibre network to offer a fibre broadband service of their own. In keeping with BT, these carriers' top-of-the-range broadband products feature headline speeds of up to 76Mbps, which will likely still transform how you use the internet, facilitate speedy downloads of content and massively improve your online gaming experience.

Alternatively, you can opt for fibre broadband from John Lewis, Sky or TalkTalk - all of which promise a headline speed of up to 38Mbps.

Compare BT Infinity broadband packages BT Infinity

How fast is your broadband?

You can quickly and easily test the speed of your current connection on our state-of-the-art speedtest.

Bear in mind that your broadband speed for any service that uses copper wire at any stage depends on the distance of your house from the nearest telephone exchange.

Even if you live just a few miles from a built up area, your broadband speed may drop down as low as 0.5Mbps if you are signed up to a standard ADSL broadband package which is delivered to your home entirely by the same, ageing copper wire that provides you with your home telephone signal.

Only Virgin Media fibre broadband customers and BT customers signed up to its limited-availability, pure-fibre 330Mbps service are completely guaranteed the speed advertised when they signed up. This is because in these cases the connection is delivered completely by fibre optic cables, which are capable of carrying signals long distances without it degrading.

Rival UK fibre broadband providers' fibre broadband products use a combination of fibre optic cables and traditional copper wire. The result is that although these offer faster speeds than ADSL broadband services, they are still affected by the distance they have to travel to your home.

Fast mobile broadband

Mobile broadband speeds are still quite inferior to those of home broadband, especially cable broadband. However, the long-awaited arrival of faster 4G mobile broadband means you can expect connection speeds to get much, much faster in years to come. The result of this will be that mobile broadband will become a much more viable alternative to home broadband than 3G services ever were.

Compare fast mobile broadband packages on our dedicated page.

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