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Why should you get musical instrument insurance?

Depending on what type of musical instrument you have, it could cost you a lot of money to replace it. If your livelihood depends on having a functional musical instrument with you at all times, insurance can protect you for this. 

You can make sure your valuable instrument is covered with musical instrument insurance.

What types of musical instruments can I cover?

You can cover most types of musical instruments including:

  • Pianos, acoustic and electric guitars, strings, drums and pianos;

  • Turntables, mixing desks, laptops, vinyl/CDs, and other studio equipment;

  • Stage and club equipment including public address systems, lighting, speakers and special effects machines; and

  • Musical accessories including instrument cases, amplifiers, adaptors and pedals.

What does musical instrument insurance cover?

  • Loss, theft or accidental damage. Most policies cover these events as standard.

  • Travel. If you are taking your musical instrument abroad some policies will cover you for a set number of days.

  • Personal accident coverage. If you are travelling to perform with your musical instrument you can be covered for death, disability, or loss of sight or limbs.

  • Public liability. If you are using your musical instrument around other people, such as students or a paying audience, the policy can cover you for any injuries they might suffer.

Different musical instrument policies may offer different coverage options. If you are not travelling, or performing professionally you could take out a cheaper policy without all these extras.

How much coverage do I need?

Policies may offer a limit per instrument, or a total coverage limit for all instruments. Depending on how many musical instruments you wish to insure, estimate the right level of cover for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some home insurance policies can cover contents including musical instruments. Depending on the value of the instrument, and the limits on contents in your home insurance policy, you may need a separate policy to be fully covered.

If you are a professional music performer or teacher this type of specialist insurance could be very beneficial both for your instrument and your livelihood.

Yes though you will need to take standard precautions to protect your instrument, such as securing it where appropriate.

Most policies will cover damage like dropping your instrument, provided it was new when you purchased the musical instrument, and the instrument is not older than a certain age.

Some policies may specify that you test your instrument regularly to ensure it works properly.

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Compare musical instrument insurance

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