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What is unlimited home insurance?

Protecting your home with an unlimited home insurance policy means that there will be no limit to the payout you can receive if you make a claim on your buildings insurance. 

This would be useful if your home needs extensive or expensive repair work, or if it even needs to be rebuilt.

What are the benefits of unlimited home insurance?

Unlimited contents cover will protect the belongings you keep inside of your home. This means that if there is a fire, flood or other accident you should get a payout to replace or repair what has been damaged or destroyed — no matter the cost.

An unlimited home insurance policy also offers the added benefit of peace of mind, as you know you will not find yourself underinsured. This can be a huge weight off for anyone with a particularly expensive home, or one which is at risk of significant damage.

These benefits come at a cost, though. Unlimited home insurance is likely to be more expensive than a standard policy, as you are paying extra for the additional cover.

Do you need unlimited home insurance?

If your home is very valuable, unusually large or a registered listed building, your rebuild or repair costs may exceed the maximum payout of standard home insurance policies.

With unlimited home insurance cover, you will get comprehensive protection should you need to make a claim, though usually at a price significantly higher than standard cover.

If you are concerned about how much a potential claim will cost, unlimited home insurance can provide valuable cover. There would be no claim limit on your buildings insurance policy, so the cost of your claim should not get in the way of a payout.

If you are unlikely to make a significantly high claim, you may be able to find a standard policy that provides you with the cover you need to protect your home for a lower price.

So before you start your search for an unlimited home insurance policy, make sure to think about how much cover you will need.

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The level of cover you need

The purpose of buildings insurance is to protect you against the financial cost of repairing or rebuilding your home. Therefore, you should be covered for at least the full rebuild value of your home. In a worst case scenario, this is the amount of money you will need to claim.

Bear in mind that this value would be the amount it would cost to rebuild your home from scratch. It is not the same as the market value. You can use the ABI rebuild calculator to work out what this sum would be for your home.

Compare the cost of standard buildings insurance policies that offer a cover limit of at least your rebuild value before purchasing an unlimited home insurance policy.

Most standard home insurance policies will set a limit of at least £500,000. This means you will likely only require a specialist unlimited home insurance policy if the rebuild value of your home exceeds £500,000. If it does, your home is likely of exceptionally high value or a listed building.

What's not included

You may find that some home insurance policies include unlimited cover for your buildings (the bricks and mortar), but not contents (the possessions kept inside your home).

Few home insurers will offer unlimited contents insurance cover. If you want to combine both buildings and contents cover into one policy, you will need to think about exactly what level of contents cover you need.

To do this you should calculate the value of the personal belongings you keep in your home and how much they would cost to replace.

Other benefits may also not be included as standard, or will have differing cover limits. These often include home emergency cover and legal expenses cover, which you many need to add to your policy at an extra cost.

Can anyone get unlimited home insurance?

Buying unlimited home insurance cover can give you the peace of mind of knowing you will be covered no matter how much you claim. This would be especially valuable if your home has a high rebuild cost, for example above £500,000.

Unlimited home insurance policies also add the protection of maintaining your cover even if the rebuild value of your home increases. This might happen if you renovate your home through building an extension or converting your loft space.

Despite this, the majority of homeowners will likely find a cheaper deal through comparing policies with a set claim limit. But remember, this set claim limit needs to at least equal the rebuild cost of your home.

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