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  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 delays looming, after phones ‘catch fire’

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 delays looming, after phones ‘catch fire’

samsung galaxy note 7 landscape hero

Samsung has paused shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, amid unconfirmed claims that the handset overheats.

Planning to get a Note 7? Pre-ordered one already? Get up to speed properly with how the delays will affect availability here.

The company told local media that it had stopped shipping the Note 7 to shops and network partners and is now conducting "additional tests...for product quality.”

Several people in Korea who received their Galaxy Note 7 this week have posted pictures of their devices on social media, showing them charred and burnt.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fire 2

Reports suggest that the phone has been catching fire while in use, with some users claiming that the handset’s battery exploded while charging.

Samsung has not said how its decision will affect availability of the phone outside Korea, but it seems unlikely the glitch is a localised issue.

The pause in shipments means that those who pre–ordered the well reviewed Galaxy Note 7 could have to wait to get their hands on the cutting-edge smartphone.

Shares in the company tumbled on Wednesday, with $7 billion wiped off its market value.

More worryingly for Samsung, is that the alleged glitch comes at a time when it had built up huge critical and commercial goodwill after a difficult 2015.

The Galaxy Note 7 has been widely heralded as the year’s best smartphone, although this major delay could hit sales and profits.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fire 2

The impending launch of Apple’s iPhone 7 also means that stiff competition is looming from Samsung's biggest rival.

Samsung has not said when it will finish quality testing and restart shipments.



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