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Apple Watch sales slump predicted

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Sales of the Apple Watch will be down year-on-year, one of the industry's best connected analysts predicts, despite the launch of the Series 2 version of the wearable last month.

Ming Chi Kuo, who is known for keeping a close eye on Apple, says that he expects sales of both the original and new Apple Watch to drop to between 8.5 and 9 million units in 2016. He believes Apple sold 10.4 million watches in 2015.

Apple does not reveal sales figures for its wearable, but Kuo's numbers are likely to make uncomfortable reading for CEO Tim Cook.

The original Apple Watch only launched in April 2015, meaning the company will have sold more in eight months last year than it has in all of 2016.

Apple is expected to completely overhaul the Apple Watch next year. Its recently launched Series 2 model is more water-resistant, but still requires an iPhone in order to work to its full capability.

Sales of Apple products appear to be in decline, amid an increasing lack of transparency about how they are performing.

In a major break from past form, the company has not said how many iPhone 7 handsets it sold on opening weekend, claiming investors do not need to know.


Business Insider

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