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The most name-dropped cars in music

With artists keen to brag about their favourite motors and flash cars in their music, Uswitch were eager to find out just which famous car brands feature the most in song lyrics, and which artists mention car brands the most.
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Image showing the words 'the most named dropped cars in music'

Our favourite cars feature heavily in the media, appearing in some of the most expensive crashes in cinematic history and throughout our favourite video games, with music being no exception. 

With flash vehicles becoming an indication of wealth, power, and fame in the world of music, bands and artists are increasingly introducing car models and brands into their song lyrics and music videos, with some automotive brand names proving more popular amongst musicians than others.

Keen to discover which car brands are most commonly mentioned in songs across all genres, Uswitch conducted a study of thousands of song lyrics to discover the most name-dropped car brands in music, and which artists most frequently refer to car brands within their songs. 

The most mentioned car brands in music

To determine the most mentioned car brands in music, we analysed song lyrics for mentions of various well-known car brands on the market, counting how many songs each automotive brand features before ranking them.

Infographic showing the top 20 most mentioned brands in songs

Our study revealed Mercedes as the most name-dropped car brand in music, with lyric analysis finding the popular car brand mentioned in 16,415 songs to date. Meanwhile, we also found that German rapper, Kollegah, was the artist making the most mentions of the car brand in his songs, as Mercedes was name-dropped in 33 tunes. 

Supercar Lamborghini placed as the second most mentioned car brand in music, having been name-dropped in a total of 9,546 songs. The singer Noah, formerly known as Peterpan, mentioned Lamborghini the most in their songs, as it was found in 18 of their songs. 

Mentioned most in music by American hip-hop trio Migos, Bentley was the third most name-dropped car brand in music, mentioned in a total of 8,474 different songs. Migos’ music mentioned the British motor brand in 16 of their songs, according to our lyrical analysis. 

Ferrari ranked as the fourth most mentioned car brand in songs, having been name-dropped in 7,212 pieces of music in total. Of those songs, 17 belonged to Kollegah, making him the artist making most song mentions of the car brand and Mercedes. 

Featuring in 6,874 songs, Porsche was revealed to be the fifth most name-dropped car brand in music. Sidoka was revealed to be responsible for eight of these songs. 

German car brand BMW was the sixth most name-dropped car brand in music, featuring in 5,807 songs. However, the highest proportion of these song mentions came from Metrickz (13), a rapper who is also German. 

Audi and Honda both followed as the seventh and eighth most mentioned car brands in music, respectively. Audi was cited in 4,056 songs, whilst Honda followed in 3,608. However, both car brands were most mentioned in songs by French Rapper, JUL. 

With mentions in 3,316 songs, Elon Musk’s electric car brand Tesla placed as the ninth most name-dropped car brand in music and was mentioned in the most songs by Vintage. 

Rounding off the top ten most name-dropped car brands in music is Rolls Royce, having been mentioned in a total of 2,556 songs. Missy Elliott mentioned the car brand in five of her songs, making her responsible for the largest proportion of these song mentions.

The bands and artists that mention car brands most in their songs 

To discover which musicians most frequently reference car brands within their songs and which car brands they make the most mentions, we analysed the lyrics of all songs featuring car brands and analysed the musicians and car brands involved. 

Table showing the artists that mention car brands the most in their songs

When it came down to determining the most car-obsessed bands and artists overall, JUL came out on top. The French rapper mentioned car brands in 113 of his tunes, with the most mentioned car brand in these being Audi, which featured in 34.

Kollegah ranked as the second most car-obsessed in music, since 112 of his songs referred to car brands, and 33 of these making references to Mercedes in particular. 

Meanwhile, hip-hop trio Migos featured car brands in the third highest number of songs, 68. Of those 68 songs, Bentley featured in 11. 

Following closely behind Migos in fourth is Jöí Fabü, who mentioned car brands 67 times in his songs - just one less. Of the artist’s 67 songs, 29 mentioned Lamborghini, making the supercar his most mentioned car brand in his music. 

The artist that mentions car brands the fifth most in their music is Lil Wayne. Our analysis found car brand mentions in 58 of his tunes, with 11 of these songs featuring Bentley, making it his most mentioned car brand. 

Yvng Benj name-drops car brands in 46 of his songs - and Mercedes in 17 - ranking him in sixth place overall. Ngọc Sơn and Noah also mentioned car brands in 46 of their songs, placing them in the same position. 

  • Car insurance comparison site Uswitch sought to investigate the most commonly mentioned car brands in music. 

  • A list of mainstream car brands from multiple sources, including Statista and Wikipedia, was collected. The search prioritised car manufacturers by production levels and revenues with the premise that greater production/revenue is a direct result of popularity.

  • Subsequently, popular terms for each car brand were identified to help us account for slang terminology used as an alternative to the root brand name.

  • Following the initial research, it was decided to omit car brands with particularly ambiguous names, such as Jaguar, Dodge, Lincoln and Genesis. This helped reduce the uncertainty surrounding the context in which the search terms are used and led to more accurate results.

  • All songs with lyrics containing search terms collected in step one were scraped from Information including the song title, author, album, release year and lyrics were also collected.

  • The approximate search match feature on was used to handle the translation of the search terms into multiple languages. While this method is not entirely accurate, it was deemed suitable for the use case and proved robust during the initial research phase.

  • The songs included in this study are limited to those listed on The website was deemed appropriate due to its considerable collection of songs spanning multiple world regions.

  • To conclude the research, the dataset was aggregated by car brand and the title count, mode artist and mode artist count variables were calculated.

  • Obscure artists with limited exposure on mainstream music streaming outlets were omitted from the results.

  • Data was collected on 09/07/2021 and is as accurate as of then.