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LG G5: 5 things you need to know

lg g5 hero

LG’s G5 has managed to steal plenty of plaudits at its launch event at Mobile World Congress, garnering as much attention as big name rival Samsung’s new Galaxy S7.

But what sets it apart from the competition? And are there any features that mean you should be stumping up for it rather than holding out for a different smartphone?

Read our five things you need to know about the LG G5 and we’ll reveal all.

1 Modish and modular

lg g5 modular

One the face of it, the LG G5 looks like any other modern smartphone, featuring a sleek metal design and large, hi–res screen.

But the device has been billed as a ‘transforming smartphone’, one which works with a slew of new accessories.

These form part of the new LG Playground range, including the LG Cam Plus, which boosts the device’s snapper with physical buttons, an LED indicator and a better zoom function.

lg g5 playground

There’s also a new LG Hi–Fi Plus with Bang and Olufsen speakers.

These are plugged into the bottom of the phone and definitely make it more alluring than rival flagship devices.

2 Always on screen

lg g5 mwc 103

Always on displays have been big news at MWC. And not to be outdone by Samsung’s Galaxy S7, LG’s G5 features a secondary screen that stays on even when the device is in sleep mode.

It means that you can see date, time and battery details without having to power up the phone, something which LG says drains just 0.8% of the battery in a single day.

Far less than if you constantly flick on your phone to keep an eye on the time.

3 Removable battery

lg g5 removable battery

This is a huge deal at a time when batteries are usually impossible to take out and replace.

The power unit slips out from the bottom of the LG G5 and can be replaced by a second unit, meaning that power users will never be without their phones.

The battery is charged using ultra fast USB–C, fast–becoming the standard among the very best smartphones. Storage can also be expanded by microSD.

4 Wide–angle camera

lg g5 wide angle

The G5’s camera might come with what is an increasingly standard 16 megapixel camera.

But what sets it apart is its hugely impressive 135 degree wide–angle lens, making panoramic shots much easier to take. They look the part on that Quad HD 5.3–inch screen too.

5 Offers up for grabs

lg g5 mwc 101

EE says it will sell the LG G5 from March 17th. And to sweeten the deal, it says it will have an ‘exclusive pre–order offer’ for new customers. Sounds like one worth waiting for.

O2 will also sell the phone, making it available on its Refresh tariffs designed for serial smartphone upgraders.

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