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Motorola will continue to manufacture deluxe, top-end smartphones, despite its recent, seemingly exclusive focus on the budget handset market.

Today, Motorola announced a new, super low-cost smartphone in the form of the £89 Moto E. It was accompanied by a 4G, £149 version of the Moto G, the original even cheaper version of which has just been confirmed as the company’s biggest selling smartphone ever.

The decision to put the onus on keenly priced kits appears to have paid dividends, with the Moto G garnering impressive reviews and allowing the handset-maker to claim at 6% share of the UK smartphone market.

But that’s not to say that Motorola is entirely eschewing the premium end of the market. At least not according to Mark Randall, Moto’s Senior Vice President of Supply Chain & Operations.

He said: “Motorola extending the ‘G-line’ and adding ‘E’, people shouldn’t read that as Motorola is only worried about these price points.

“We’re committed to the whole portfolio. We have exciting releases planned for the rest of the year.”

However, handsets pitched at high-spending consumers can probably be ruled out for now with the focus instead on offering as much smartphone as possible for buyers' money, he intimated.

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And, although splashguards come as standard across Moto’s product line, we probably shouldn't hold our breath for a waterproof handset a la Sony’s Xperia Z1 and Z2 and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Randall added: “We have a value philosophy, so even on our high-end products we’re trying to be more disruptive. If you look at the pricing of the Moto X, it’s fundamentally different to the Galaxy S4 pricing.

“We want to provide value across the whole product line.”

“But a phone with an IP 67 or IP57 rating isn’t something we’re looking at right now."

Randall also bullishly suggested that the Samsung-Apple duopoly could be at end, as the public falls out love with the predictable, familiar experiences their handsets offer.

“Consumers are tired of Apple-Samsung monopoly. People are looking for a third player.

If you look at some of the consumer research we compiled, people are just a bit bored. The S4 came out and people responded with ‘so what?.”

“I think people are looking for companies to come at things from a different angle.”

The Moto E is set to go on sale in the UK this month.

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