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Compare gadget insurance quotes

Our gadget insurance comparison service is simple and speedy, ensuring your valuable electronic devices are covered against damage or loss.
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What is gadget insurance?

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Our tech is now an integral part of daily life and so if these devices are lost, stolen or break it can be really disruptive to our busy schedules and a headache to get them replaced

For example, many children use electronic devices for homework as well as leisure activities. They're essential for adults for the same reasons, especially as so many of us are now working from home. 

This is where gadget insurance comes in, as a decent gadget insurance policy allows you to protect a wide range of electronic devices, including your:

Gadget insurance pays out if these are lost, stolen or damaged

What our customers say

Do I need gadget insurance?

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Even if you have home insurance, gadget insurance could well be worth considering because your existing cover might not thoroughly protect expensive devices like mobile phones and tablets. 

Home insurance policies typically include cover of items stolen from your property, lost or damaged at home through incidents such as a fire or flood. 

But there are limits to what home insurance will protect. You may find that your contents policy won’t step in as soon as you leave your home with your device. It might also only cover individual items up to a specified limit that’s lower than what you paid for it, or that there’s a high excess to pay on any claim.

Home insurance policies usually don’t offer protection against accidental damage, such as dropping your mobile in the sink. You usually need to pay extra for this benefit.

It’s worth noting that devices used for business purposes, which can include mobile phones, tablets and laptops, are also typically excluded from home contents policies.


If you have home insurance it's important to check if your gadgets are include in your contents cover. Don't assume.

How do I find the best gadget insurance?

Gadgets are relatively cheap to insure if you have the right gadget insurance policy – the cost starts from a couple of pounds each month. If you choose a flexible multi-gadget insurance policy then you can add on or change the devices as you upgrade your phones, handsets, wearables and laptops or tablets. 

When you're comparing quotes, check whether you're covered when an electronic device is outside your home.

Are devices covered by my home insurance policy?

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Your devices may be covered for theft and damage caused by events such as fire or flooding. If you want more comprehensive insurance for expensive single items, such as electronic gadgets, you may need to select the personal possessions optional extra. 

Many insurers cover single items, but this benefit may be limited in cost to, say, a maximum of £1,000 and the items may need to be itemised. Cover might extend only to devices and other items while they are in the home.


Having a lot of gadgets insured for a range of risks could make your home contents insurance quotes more expensive. 

So, as an alternative, it might be better to buy a standalone, gadget insurance policy for your valuable electronic devices.

Mobile phone insurance

Many insurers offer various types of gadget insurance, with mobile phone insurance one of the most common, and useful.

How does mobile phone insurance work?

You can buy mobile phone insurance that covers repairs if your mobile breaks or stops working, or if you lose your phone. This is particularly useful if you're on a long-term mobile phone contract or you have an expensive mobile handset. 

After all, your network provider will still expect you to keep paying the monthly instalments towards your phone and data bundle, even if you no longer have it. With this type of gadget insurance, you’ll either get a replacement or a fixed phone.

Making a mobile phone insurance claim

Some policies provide an immediate replacement if your phone is lost, stolen or damaged. 

Comprehensive mobile phone insurance will also cover the cost of replacing phone accessories, such as Chargers, Cases and Screen Protectors. As well as unauthorised calls if the phone is stolen. This could be expensive if the thief uses your phone to make calls abroad or to premium numbers.. 

Better quality cover will also protect you against loss, damage or theft while abroad as well as in the UK.

Consider how much insurance you want based on the number of electronic items you have, their value, and how much you are prepared to pay in your monthly premiums.

If you choose a flexible multi-gadget insurance policy then you can add on or change the devices as you upgrade your phones, handsets and laptops or tablets. 

Gadget insurance - FAQs

Is gadget insurance worth it?

Your home contents insurance may cover small devices such as mobile phones, smartwatches and tablets when you’re at home. But they might not if you’re out and about with them and could come with a high excess. 

Given this possibility, gadget insurance is worth considering. Although check the levels of cover to ensure you pick one that’ll cover all replacement costs.

What’s usually covered by gadget insurance?

You can expect a decent gadget insurance policy to cover your devices against accidental damage, water damage, loss and theft. Many policies offer unlimited repairs or replacements and like-for-like replacements with warranties.

Will I get a discount if I cover several devices on my gadget insurance?

Most gadget insurers offer a discount for covering several items. Some charge a small extra premium for each item over a set number.

Can I insure a second-hand gadget?

Gadget insurance typically only covers new gadgets or those refurbished to the manufacturer’s specifications. Items that are above a certain age, such as 18 or 36 months, may not be covered.

Gadget insurance guides

Mobile Phone Insurance - Get a mobile phone insurance quote

If you can't live without your mobile phone, find a range of cheap mobile phone insurance here. Your mobile phone may not be covered by your standard home and contents insurance.

Compare gadget insurance quotes

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