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What is gadget insurance?

Gadget insurance covers all those expensive and essential electronic items that we all use on a daily basis, such as:

Gadgets are now so much part of our daily life that when they're lost, stolen or stop working it can disrupt our work and our social lives.

Many children use electronic devices for homework as well as leisure activities and they're essential for adults to work, especially as so many of us are now working from home.

Gadget insurance pays out if these are lost, stolen or damaged

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Do I need gadget insurance?

If your mobile phone was stolen in a burglary at home, or if you lost it whilst outside your home, it's not always a guarantee that you'll be covered under a home insurance policy.

Few of them provide this insurance benefit as standard, often referred to as all risks or personal possessions cover .

It's usually an extra layer of insurance that you have to buy, or it's an option you can add on if you buy more expensive home insurance cover.

If you choose a flexible multi-gadget insurance policy then you can add on or change the devices as you upgrade your phones, handsets, wearables and laptops or tablets. 


If you have home insurance it's important to check if your gadgets are include in your contents cover. Don't assume.

How do I find the best gadget insurance?

Gadgets are relatively cheap to insure if you have a special gadget insurance policy – the cost starts from a couple of pounds each month. When you're comparing quotes check whether you're covered when the electronic device is outside your home.

Are devices covered by my home insurance policy?

For most insurers, the maximum single item claim is limited to £500. This means that while you could make a claim for a stolen iPhone if your home was broken into, you would not receive the full amount back.

Given that most modern phones cost from £600 upwards, you can see that you could quite easily be out of pocket.

If you needed to claim on your home insurance for a lost phone, you would also risk your no claims bonus, which would make your home contents insurance more expensive when you came to renew.


For this reason, having a lot of gadgets insured for a range of risks makes your home contents insurance quotes potentially a lot more expensive.

So as an alternative it might be better to buy a standalone, gadget insurance policy for your valuable electronic devices.

Mobile phone insurance

How does mobile phone insurance work?

There are different types of mobile phone insurance depending on your needs. You can buy mobile phone insurance which covers repairs if your phone breaks or stops working.

You can also arrange insurance cover for if you lose your phone. This is particularly useful if you're on a long-term mobile phone contract or you have an expensive mobile handset.

Your network provider will still expect you to keep up paying the monthly instalments towards your phone and data bundle even if you no longer have it. Mobile insurance will get you a replacement or fix the phone.

Making a mobile phone insurance claim

Some mobile insurance policies provide an immediate replacement if your phone is lost, stolen or damaged.

Comprehensive mobile phone insurance will also cover the cost of replacing phone accessories, such as chargers and AirPods. As well as unauthorised calls if the phone is stolen (this could be expensive if the thief uses your phone to make calls abroad or to premium numbers) and loss, damage or theft while abroad and in the UK.

Consider how much insurance you want based on the number of electronic items you have, their value, and how much you are prepared to pay in your monthly premiums.

If you choose a flexible multi-gadget insurance policy then you can add on or change the devices as you upgrade your phones, handsets, wearables and laptops or tablets. 

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