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Opening a new current account

While most of us would not dream of buying a new pair of shoes without trying them on first, often we don't apply the same care when choosing financial providers.

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Opening a new current account

Switch to a better current account

Compare current accounts from different providers and find a bank that works for you.

Yet spending just a few minutes using our current accounts service could open the door to a current account that fits you.

Here are some key things you need to consider before you open a new account.

How much money are you putting in?

Before even looking at opening a current account take an honest look at your money habits. Do you live permanently in the red? Do you think fees are a waste of money, but actually don't know what you get in return?

Once you've worked out the normal monthly balance of your account you can identify the features you'll need when you search for a new account.

If you're likely to need a permanent overdraft facility, you should look out for an account with a low interest rate on overdrafts. If you are always in credit, finding an account with a high credit interest rate could earn you more money.

You may not think it is worth paying a fee each month for your current account, but look at what the provider is giving in return for your money. If you need travel insurance, mobile insurance or discount on a loan, then the account benefits could outweigh the cost.

How do you want to bank?

We forget that we will need to interact with our bank, whether it's paying bills, paying in money or moving money from accounts.

If you don't live or work near a bank and are comfortable transacting on the internet then online banking could be a great option.

You can manage all your money through your computer 24/7 and this is also a good option if you travel or work outside conventional business hours.

If you prefer the comfort of having a branch you can visit, then you can select to find accounts with providers that have branches on your local high street.

Have you compared all the options?

There is nothing more annoying than buying something new and having a friend tell you they bought the same thing or, worse, something better for half the price.

Comparing current accounts means you can be confident you have reviewed the options available and made the right choice for you, based on your needs.

Switch to a better current account

Compare current accounts from different providers and find a bank that works for you.