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It’s My Report – Credit agencies respond

What we're doing to fight for free credit reports in 2015

It's My Report

The It’s My Report campaign, calling for free access to clearer credit scores, launched at the end of last year and received over 15,000 supporting signatures from the public. So what comes next?

As well as gathering more signatures and drumming up more support we’ve taken your signatures and comments to the three credit reference agencies,  lenders, regulators, and the Government.

It’s My Report calls for

  • Free annual credit reports and scores
  • Lenders should give a specific reason if you’re rejected because of your credit report, along with a free copy of the report used
  • Standardised credit scoring between the credit agencies

Credit reference agencies respond

Experian told us… 

“We welcome any move that promotes the importance of understanding and checking credit reports. We offer a range of credit report services for people with different needs, including a 30-day free trial of our CreditExpert service so they can view their credit report and score as well as free reports for anyone receiving debt counselling from a charity such as National Debtline.

“We invest a great deal in consumer education and we work closely with banks and lenders to help people better understand issues such as credit scoring and credit refusal.”

Callcredit told us…

“A credit report is like your financial passport. Companies look at your credit report all the time and make decisions about you based on this information, from approving a mortgage application to giving you a mobile phone contract.

“We believe consumers need to get into the habit of doing the same and think it’s only right they have ready access to the personal information these important decisions are based on. We want to make sure every adult in the UK has free access to their personal credit report whenever they want it.”

Equifax told us…

“Equifax welcomes any initiative that seeks to improve consumer understanding of the information held by credit reference agencies, and the steps that can be taken if an individual believes there is an error. We suggest that consumers review their credit report at least once per year and consider doing so before making a new application for credit.

“This will enable them to take action where needed and put them in the best possible position. In particular, the company welcomes any impact the uSwitch campaign can achieve in encouraging lenders to give specific reasons when declining an individual’s credit application, if the lender states that it was because of their credit report.

“We are already working with a number of lenders in providing access to Equifax credit report services for their customers as part of this process. Equifax is also continuing to provide free credit reports to individuals facing financial difficulties – through the not-for-profit debt advice services.”

The 2015 roundtable discussion

Having the credit agencies express interest is a great start, but there’s a big difference between words and action.

So our next step is to organise a roundtable discussion with key figures from the consumer credit industry.

We hope this will get the people with the power to make a difference to listen to what you want and find a way to make it happen.

What you can do to fight for free credit reports

If you haven’t yet signed the It’s My Report petition, please take the time to. 15,000 voices are a loud and clear call for change, every extra signature and every added voice makes it more likely for things to change.

You can also spread the word and share this campaign with your friends and family and get them to sign too,

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Already signed up? Email your MP

We are already in touch with a range of MPs but we need your support. We would like you to send a letter to your MP explaining what It’s My Report is and why it matters to you.

To help we’ve drafted a letter for you to sign and send. You can print it out as a PDF to mail it, or edit it as a Word document to email.

Not sure who your MP is? You can look up their name and contact details here –