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It’s My Report makes headlines

Our research on credit reports made headlines, see what the news said about young people being stuck in a cycle of credit rejection.

What you're saying - Its My Report

Our research that discovered that one third of people have never checked their credit reports, and that over one million young people have been rejected for credit over five times, was picked up by national media.

The research comes off the back of the It’s My Report campaign fighting for free annual credit reports and scores, making lenders give a specific reason for credit refusal, and standardised credit scoring between the credit agencies.

Mail Online’s take

One in three brits miss out on best mortgages

The Mail Online reports on how a third of Britons have never checked their credit report.

The world’s most popular online news site stated that our research showed that one in three Brits are missing out on the best mortgages, credit cards and loans, because they don’t check their credit scores.

They emphasised that credit reports are important and that you should check them regularly, as errors on credit reports can be common. So before applying for credit your should always examine your report.

What the Independent said

In their round up of most important finance stories of the week (16-20 February), the Independent focused on how young people are being disproportionately hit by credit refusals.

Quoting our research they said: “around a million young people have been turned down five times or more. The rejection is driving them to payday lenders or pawn shops.”

The Yorkshire Post

In a similar note to the Independent, Yorkshire’s regional newspaper wrote up the research focusing on how young people are stuck in a cycle of rejection for credit with 57% of 18-34 year olds refused credit.

How LoveMoney covered the story

Multiple applications are hurting your credit score

Love Money pick comment on our research finding that almost one in three people who have applied for credit were turned down.

The personal finance site LoveMoney quoted our research on how young people are unaware that they are hurting their credit score by making multiple applications without checking their credit score.

They encourage people to review their credit report before applying for credit and stress the importance of getting on the electoral register and keeping your details up to date before applying for credit.

Find out more about It’s My Report

Read about how credit reports affect your life and sign the petition calling for free access to your credit score.

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