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Are you sprucing up the home this bank holiday?

If you're thinking of taking advantage of the bank holiday to fix up your home or garden, a credit card could help spread the cost or get some handy rewards or cashback.


Are you planning to advantage of the extra time around the bank holiday to spruce up your home with a new kitchen, tidy up the garden, or get some new furniture (or even a new car).

Depending on your needs and circumstances you can either spread the cost or earn cashback and rewards for your spending with the right credit card.

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Kitchen refit


A new kitchen will set you back thousands of pounds, but you can reduce the cost significantly by buying the worktops, cabinets and fittings separately and installing yourself if you’re a dab hand at DIY.

If you feel confident and have the right know-how you should be able to install the sink yourself, but you’ll need qualified professionals to do any electrical and gas fittings.

If you want to get something back for your spending you could consider either a cashback or reward card, where you’ll receive a percentage of your spend back as cash or reward points, like avios or nectar points. So, refitting your kitchen could give you money towards your holiday.

Read our guide on reward cards to find out more.

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New furniture and white goods


If you’re after a new sofa, washing machine, fridge or other large household appliance it’s worth choosing something quality, as you generally get what you pay for.

You don’t necessarily need to go ultra high-spec but bargain basement stuff can prove a false economy if you need to replace it every year. Unfortunately this can mean shelling out thousands for a big one off purchase.

Many furniture retailers will offer some form of 0% finance deal so you don’t need to part with the money upfront, but it’s worth reading through the small print and checking it’s a good deal.

If you’d like to spread the cost another way, credit cards offer a flexible way of borrowing, where you can repay as much as you like each month (provided you meet the minimum monthly repayments).

If you’re willing to pay the retailer upfront it can also put you in a stronger position to haggle on price, but policies on negotiating discounts will vary between retailers.

With a 0% purchase card you won’t be charged interest on new purchases for set period time, which can be as long as 30 months.

If you repay the card within this time, you can effectively borrow interest free. Though be wary of the relatively high rate of interest that will apply after the 0% period comes to an end.

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Fixing up the garden


Fixing up the garden can soon add up. A new shed, BBQ, materials for deck or patio, can easily come in at anywhere between £500 to £2,000, and if you want to go really high end you could find yourself spending many thousands of pounds.

Again a 0% purchase card can help buying the materials, but if you’re thinking of hiring a landscaping company to help out they might not accept a credit card.

But, you could still use a 0% interest card if you want to spread the cost. A 0% money transfer card lets you transfer money from your credit card to you bank account that you can then use as cash.

As with a 0% purchase card you wont be charged interest for several months, but you will usually need to pay a transfer fee.

Find out more in our guide on money transfer credit cards.

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Buying a new car


If you’re feeling inspired by the recent run of sunny weather to get a shiny new convertible, or even if it’s just time to replace the old reliable runabout, it’s worth shopping around for a loan or finance deal before you arrive at the car forecourt.

Depending on who you’re buying a car with, you have a few options:

  • 0% purchase card
  • 0% money transfer card
  • Personal loan or specialist car loan

A personal loan allows you to borrow cash at a set cost for any purpose and repay the debt with a fixed amount each month. There are also specialist car loans available, which may lend larger amounts (or lend to borrowers with lower credit scores) as these might be secured against the car.

As with buying furniture, if you’ve got the money sorted to pay in advance it can give you an edge when negotiating prices with a car dealer.

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Major home improvements


Adding an extension or a conservatory probably isn’t a job just for a bank holiday, but it can be a good way to not only give you more space but add value to your home.

If you are considering this the costs will run into many thousands of pounds and you’d need to put a lot of thought into the financial planning.

You could consider either a secured loan or remortgaging to “release” some of the cash stored up in the value of your home. But both options aren’t without their risks and should be carefully thought through.

Read our guide on how to use equity in your home for borrowing to find out more.

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You could remortgage to borrow against the value of your property to get some extra funds for home improvements.

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