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Broadband postcode checker

Enter your postcode to see what broadband deals and speeds are available in your area.

Compare over 100 broadband deals with Uswitch

Author: Max Beckett | Last updated: 28 May 2024

Uswitch broadband postcode checker explained

The Uswitch broadband postcode checker is a simple and quick way to compare broadband deals in your area. It can help you find a range of packages that are available at your postcode in just a few easy steps:

  • Type in your postcode: Enter your postcode and address into the box on our Uswitch broadband page to see what home broadband is available in your area.

  • Select your address: Scroll through the dropdown list to find your address and door number.

  • Select your current provider: Since most of the best broadband deals are only offered to new customers, we'll need to know who you're currently with to show you the best deals available.

  • Check availability: This will filter the deals table to show only which broadband deals are available at your home.

You'll see a results table of broadband packages from many of the UK's top providers. And depending on what's available in your postcode, you'll get a wide choice of different broadband speeds available to you as well.

You can then compare those prices with your current monthly bill and decide if what you're paying seems right or feels too much. Or you can compare the speeds with your current levels to see if it's worth upgrading your service.

Why should I check broadband in my area?

Checking your postcode is the quickest way to determine if you can get a better deal on your broadband.

Whether you’re shopping around to improve your speed, cut your costs, or try a new provider, there are many reasons to shop around. Here are some of the main reasons to compare deals.

To upgrade to a faster speed

Faster broadband deals are becoming available to more and more places each month, thanks to the rapid rollout of full fibre.

If you’ve been stuck on a slow speed for a while, you might be able to get a much faster connection for a pretty reasonable price. Our fibre broadband study details how much full fibre broadband has grown in recent years.

graph showing access to full fibre broadband in the UK
Full fibre broadband is available to over half of homes in all four of the UK nations.

Even if you’re happy with your current speed, you might be able to find faster broadband deals at a similar or lower price than your current plan. So, it’s always worth checking to see if you could get a better deal with a different provider.

To bundle in with a landline or pay TV

If you pay for a TV package from Sky, BT or Virgin Media, you could save money by bundling your broadband into a joint package.

Each of the leading TV providers offers top-rated broadband deals, too. And their TV & broadband bundles are often cheaper than what you’d pay separate providers for both services.

Check your postcode on our broadband and TV deals page to compare a wide range of these bundles.

Broadband and TV deals

Take a look at the latest TV and broadband packages on Uswitch.

To reduce monthly bills & combat price rises

With broadband deals changing constantly, it’s always worth checking to see if you could get the same speed for a better price.

This is important if you're out of contract with your current provider because you might be paying much more than you need to for your broadband, especially if you've faced more than one price increase over the last couple of years.

The one thing to be careful about is opting for a package that’s too slow for your needs. So, if you’re already content with your speed, it’s best to focus on comparing deals that offer the same amount.

Ernest Dokuquotation mark

Customers who find themselves facing price rises should also be ready to vote with their feet. If you are out of contract on your deal, now is the perfect time to refresh your deal or move to a new provider altogether.”

Ernest Doku, Broadband and mobiles expert

How can I check the broadband speed where I live?

If you’re trying to find your broadband speed, you can run an internet speed test at home to see how fast your current connection is.

But if you want to see the range of speeds available to your home, put your postcode into our checker and compare what’s available. You’ll likely be able to compare a range of internet speeds to suit your needs best.

What internet speed can I get?

Broadband speeds can sometimes differ from those mentioned online and on TV, depending on where you live or what your home setup might be. The difference in speed can be due to any number of things, but it's often driven by what's available in your area.

There are lots of types of broadband that have different levels of coverage across the country. In fact, broadband speeds can wildly differ even street-by-street. In Brighton, for instance, the city’s fastest street for broadband is only 1.2 miles away from its slowest street¹.

And there’s still a big divide in average broadband speed between rural and urban areas in the UK. Here’s a view of the difference in these speeds from our broadband statistics page.

rural versus urban broadband speeds comaprison

Despite slower average speeds in rural parts of the UK, many alternative full fibre providers are building in these locations. So, if you live in a harder-to-reach property, you may still get a stronger connection with one of these providers.

Search for more broadband deals on Uswitch

What's the best broadband for me?

The best broadband deal available is always the one that suits your needs the most. You'll often want to find a good balance between your budget, the number of people who live at home, and what you want to use your internet for.

So when you search for the 'best' broadband in your area, the fastest or the cheapest options might not necessarily be the best for you. Instead, you'll want to look for the most appropriate deal for what you need because that'd have the most value for money.

There are a few different types of broadband you can get, each with a different range of speeds and prices:

  • Part-fibre (fibre to the cabinet): 30-70Mbps | 97% UK availability | ££

  • Full fibre (fibre to the premises): Up to 1Gbps | ~62% UK availability | £££

  • Virgin Media (cable broadband): Up to 1Gbps | ~60% UK availability | £££

  • ADSL (copper broadband): 10-11Mbps | 99% UK availability | £

What broadband speed do I need?

When choosing an internet speed for you and your home, there are a few things to help guide you to the right option.

10-30Mbps: low usage

If you only use your broadband to check odd emails, read the news, and make occasional video calls, you would be okay with slower internet speed.

However, this type of connection may be difficult if you live with two or more people using the internet.

30-100Mbps: average usage

Most Brits have this level of broadband speed because it can still handle most things we all do on the internet.

It should let two people stream TV, play games online, or work from home simultaneously, making it suitable for most homes.

100-500Mbps: heavy usage

This might be a helpful speed to choose if you live with four or more people. The same goes for lots of you who want faster speed for competitive gaming, 4K streaming, or video meetings at the same time.

These speeds tend to get more expensive, but some smaller full fibre providers offer them for very reasonable prices. So be sure to check if one is available in your area.

500Mbps and faster: very heavy usage

These speeds are usually saved for the most intense internet users, but it's also useful for businesses. If you regularly…

  • Work with very heavy files like videos or graphic designs

  • Stream content onto apps like Twitch

  • Game online at a highly competitive level

  • Need the fastest available speeds for something else

…then 500Mbps+ speeds could be pretty helpful. But most internet users won’t need this speed for quite a long time.

Browse our range of fibre broadband deals

Choose between our wide range of fibre broadband deals on Uswitch.

Search for internet providers in your area

At Uswitch, we can show you deals from some of the best broadband providers.

Check out our range of providers to see more details of their broadband deals and coverage:

If you’d like a better idea of each provider before you sign up, you could read our verdict in our broadband provider reviews. They explain what each brand is known for, what it does well, what it could do better, and which customers they’re suitable for.

Uswitch broadband provider reviews

Read our expert reviews of all of the UK's biggest broadband providers.

What's the cheapest broadband in my area?

If you're looking for a low-cost broadband deal, you may have a few options depending on your budget.

Firstly, the cheapest broadband deals on Uswitch offer internet services from around £18 per month. And depending on whether an altnet provider is in your area, you could get 100Mbps full fibre speeds from this price, too.

Slower fibre broadband up to 67Mbps is usually available from £21. That's because they tend to rent their broadband services from Openreach, which costs more than owning your own network.

However, you could qualify for a social broadband tariff if you receive Universal Credit, PIP payments or other government financial support. These are much cheaper deals that providers offer for people struggling to pay their bills.

Compare broadband deals in your local area

Savings, studies and statistics methodology

‡£179 is the average annual saving calculated in February 2024 for users who chose a Uswitch broadband deal. Find out more about how we calculate our savings messages at our savings FAQ page.

¹  See table of UK’s ten closest broadband divides in our two speed cities PR study.