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What is a cookie?

At it's simplest, a cookie is a piece of information that a website puts on your computer so it can remember something about you at a later date.

Making Uswitch work

From the most basic features to the more sophisticated services we offer, Uswitch relies on cookies to work effectively.

By allowing us to know more about our customers, the pages they've visited and buying decisions they've made, cookies give us the information we need to track sales.

Tracking and performance & monitoring purchases

Cookies enable us to know precisely when a switch or sale is made, anywhere on the Uswitch site.

This means we can monitor how consumers use our service and if for any reason a transaction doesn't go through because of a glitch on the site, we can quickly isolate the problem and fix it.

Cookies mean we can exist as a business

When we send traffic to another site or when a Uswitch customer signs up for a product, cookies record that activity.

The revenue we receive from this helps us keep our site free to use and means we can invest in developing innovative tools to make finding the best deals even easier.


Keeping track of your details, such as your location, with cookies means we can personalise your service and only highlight deals that are appropriate to you.

That's especially important, for example, in the case of broadband, where the products and deals you can sign up for depend entirely on where you live.

What if I still don't like cookies?
Opting out of cookies is easy, but how do you do it depends on the browser you're using. The best guide to turning off cookies is available at

Opting out of Cookies

Opt in/opt out conditions?
While continued use of the Uswitch website assumes compliance with our current cookie policy, you can change your privacy settings at any time.
If you wish to remove cookies from your computer, blocking or turning them off depends on the web browser that you are currently using: