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National Savings Week 2011 – Saving tips for beginners and pros

Top most shocking money saving tips

Ever considered making a jumper out of dog hair or making candles out of animal fat? Read the uSwitch collection of the most shocking money saving tips

7 steps to get out of debt

Are you concerned about how to handle your debt. The uSwitch 7 steps to get out of debt will help you find a way to financial security again.

Children’s savings

It’s never to early to start saving, and you could give your children a real kick-start with the right of type of account. Here’s the uSwitch guide to children’s savings accounts.

Safe savings

Worried about how your savings will cope if another bank needs a bail-out? Want to know exactly how safe your money will be? Our tips for safe savings will help to make sure that your money is protected.

Finally, compare savings accounts

Now you’re read up on the ways of the savings world, try comparing savings accounts. Whether it’s an ISA, a fixed rate or a children’s account your after, comparing the best deals on the market will leave you confident your money’s in safe hands.