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Nokia 3310: where to get it, how to get it and price

It’s said that if you wait long enough, everything comes back around again. That certainly goes for the Labour Party’s 1983 manifesto. And it goes for the recently revived cult ‘90s series Twin Peaks.

Even bumbags, long ago consigned to the dustbin of style, are having a ‘fashion moment’ right now. Or so I’m told by people who know such things.

Even so, the sheer size of the blush of nostalgia that greeted the Nokia 3310 when it was unveiled back in February came as something of a surprise.

For weeks you really couldn’t move for listicles naming the ten greatest retro phones, alongside endless eulogies to the simpler, pre-smartphone era.

Now, after months of waiting, the cheap-as-chips Nokia 3310 is finally on sale. And if early signs are anything to go by, it’s going to be in very short supply, as consumers rush to buy them as back-up handsets or festival phones.

Read on as we outline everything you need to know to help you get one. Along the way we’ll look at where you can buy it, how much it’ll cost and what retailers are offering to entice you.

Which retailers and networks are selling it?

Vodafone, EE, Virgin Mobile and Carphone Warehouse are all stocking the handset. You can also pick it up from SIM-free specialist retailer Clove, John Lewis and Amazon.

Nokia 3310 SIM free deals

Most people buying the 3310 will likely buy it SIM free. And then either add pay as you go credit as and when required. Or pick up a cheap rolling contract SIM only deal.

Here's what you can expect to pay and what you can expect to get for your cash.

Buying the Nokia 3310 SIM-free from Carphone Warehouse

Dom Joly Nokia 3310

You can pick up the 3310 right now from Carphone Warehouse, which has exclusive rights to sell the 3310 SIM-free for a limited period, for £49.99.

Find the 3310 at Carphone.

Buying the Nokia 3310 SIM-free from John Lewis

The 'never-knowingly-undersold' retailer is listing the 3310 for £49.99 SIM-free, with a two-year guarantee.

However, in keeping with Carphone's period of exclusivity, at the time of writing it was still listed as 'coming soon'. So you'll have to wait for a while to get your hands on it.

Find the 3310 at John Lewis.

Buying the Nokia 3310 SIM-free from Amazon

Amazon is also selling the 3310 SIM free for £49.99. But as with John Lewis, it's only available to pre-order for the time being.

It only fully goes on sale on July 30th.

Find the 3310 at Amazon.

Can you use your existing SIM if you buy it SIM free?

You can. But how easy it is depends on what kind of SIM your existing phone uses. If you’ve got a microSIM, you can pop it into your new Nokia straight away.

If you’ve got a Nano SIM, you can still use it in the 3310. But you’ll need an adaptor.

Which networks are selling the 3310?

Not all major networks are carrying the 3310. O2 and Three are very obvious omissions.

But below, we'll take a look at those that are selling the phone and outline exactly what they're offering.

What do you get when you buy from Virgin Mobile?

virgin media logo large

Virgin Mobile is selling the 3310 for £79.99, which includes 12-months of allowances. These are 300 minutes, 100MB of data per month and unlimited texts.

Virgin Mobile is also offering the phone on pay as you go. But we’re yet to hear anything about pricing.

What do you get when you buy from EE?

Network - EE

EE is offering the new Nokia 3310 for £49.99 plus a £10 top-up for our choice of SIM-only. So in total, it will set you back £59.99. You can choose from a wide selection of SIM deals that start at just £1 a month.

Buy the Nokia 3310 here.

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