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LG planning 12MP camera phone

LG is poised to release a 12 megapixel camera phone this year to compete with Sony Ericsson’s similarly equipped handset.

Sony Ericsson unveiled its Idou at the Mobile World Congress last week, which teams the high grade camera with a touchscreen, Xenon flash and one-touch access to music and videos.

The Idou will also offer the chance to play sophisticated Symbian games as well as less advanced Java titles.

Now Jeremy Newing, head of marketing at LG, has revealed that the South Korean electronics giant also harbours plans for a 12 megapixel phone.

He told “We'll very much be releasing a 12 megapixel camera phone... it's the same when you're buying a car, if you've got two equal cars then you'll obviously go for the one with the bigger engine.

LG has thus far been one of the mobile phone companies at the forefront of improving camera phones’ imaging capabilities.

The company’s current highest specification camera phones are the LG KC910 and the KC780 both of which are equipped with eight megapixel cameras.

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