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LG watch phone to cost £1,000?

The LG watch mobile phone could come with a £1,000 price tag, according to reports, leaving it out of reach of the mass market.

Unveiled at last week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the LG 910 is a radical departure for mobile phone design and garnered a good deal of the headlines at the event which was dominated by touchscreen handsets.

However, according to a report from Mobile World, the LG 910 phone could be priced at up to £1,000 by Orange, which has signed a deal to be its exclusive carrier across Europe.

This is likely to make the handset a tough sell at a time when consumers across the globe are tightening belts in the face of the economic downturn.

The LG 910 features a touchscreen, with a Bluetooth headset used for making and receiving calls.

Other selling points of the handset include HSDPA compatibility for fast downloads, media playback and video calling.

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