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HTC Touch 3G to land on Orange?

The HTC Touch 3G could be available on Orange within a matter of days, according to internet speculation.

A number of sites are reporting that the phone could be about to appear on the UK mobile provider and that it may be equipped with an exclusive UMA function.

This would enable users to switch between GSM networks and Wi-Fi hotspots seamlessly to provide for an improved mobile web browsing experience, Softpedia reports.

However, as yet Orange, which dubs its UMA function Orange Unique, has not confirmed either rumour.

The HTC Touch 3G boasts a range of other features including a 3.2 megapixel camera, GPS navigation and a 528Mhz processor.

Also onboard the device, which employs HTC’s TouchFlo user interface, is a microSD card slot for expanding the handset’s memory.

News of Orange's mooted decision to carry HTC's phone comes after Apple was granted a patent by a US court for the iPhone's touchscreen user interface.

Many experts predict this could spell problems for the HTC Touch because it employs an interface that might be deemed to infringe Apple’s patent.

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