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LG Lollipop phones on the way

New handsets from LG have been announced which team colourful designs with fun features in a bid to target the lucrative youth market.

The Lollipop range of phones employ some 220 LED lights on the exterior which display pixellated animations to dramatic effect.

Adding to the LG phones’ striking appearance, meanwhile, is the option to set different coloured lights which will activate when designated to a particular caller.

The Lollipop range currently comprises three models, the SV800, KH8000, and LH8000, all of which feature a clamshell form factor and are aimed at consumers aged between 17 and 23.

Other features of the handsets include a 1.3 megapixel camera, HSDPA compatibility for fast downloads, a large 2.8-inch screen and a microSD card slot for boosting storage capacity.

LG’s phones are available now in Korea and are expected to be offered by UK mobile phone networks later this year.

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