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  5. Titan black LG Arena will be T-Mobile exclusive

Titan black LG Arena will be T-Mobile exclusive

T-Mobile is to be the sole UK carrier of the Titan black edition of the LG Arena handset, it has been confirmed.

A statement from the company revealed that the LG Arena will be available exclusively on the T-Mobile network towards the end of this month.

Promotional campaigns for the device are expected to focus on its compatibility with T-Mobile’s music download service Music Jukebox as well as the superior sound quality it offers.

T-Mobile’s UK head of handset and device marketing, Daniel Meredith said: “This phone is also top notch in terms of all-round performance and speed and it's perfect for accessing our Mobile Jukebox service which connects our music-loving customers to the artists, news and music they want, whenever and wherever they want.”

First unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, among the features of the LG Arena are a 3.55mm headphone jack on the top of the phone and an FM radio transmitter that lets users play their tunes on any radio or in their car.

Also onboard is a five-megapixel camera, HSDPA compatibility for high-speed downloads and 8GB of internal memory to allow users to make the most of the handset’s functions.

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