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HTC Bravo photo leaked

HTC Bravo photo leaked

The release of the Google Nexus One has slightly overshadowed the HTC Bravo, which packs very similar specifications and also uses Android, but a sneakily captured picture of the device suggests that it is still coming along nicely.

It is probably best to get the similarities between the Bravo and the Nexus One out of the way first. Both have 3.7 inch OLED screens, both have Android at their core and both will pack all of the usual connectivity options including HSDPA and Wi-Fi.

Where the HTC Bravo stands out is in the inclusion of an optical trackpad as opposed to the trackball favoured by the Nexus One. Trackpads are arguably a better choice since they do not rely on a physical mechanism and will not get clogged with dirt and dust from your pocket.

The Bravo is also reported to support multi-touch and since this is an HTC mobile through and through it will have Android overlaid with the custom Sense user interface.

There are rumours suggesting that T-Mobile could have gained exclusive rights to stock the HTC Bravo in the UK. If this is the case, then it will be going head to head with Vodafone and its deal with Google which sees it as the first provider to launch the Nexus One.

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