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Motorola Milestone review

Motorola Milestone review

First impressions

As we’ve said, the Motorola Milestone is a truly awesome slab of cellular joy. It’s a comeback for one of the mobile market’s biggest players, and as such, largely delivers on its promise of being one of the current generation’s best blowers. It’s not small, but it’s the first phone to feature Android 2.0, known to Google geeks as Eclair and comes with features to sate every smartphone savvy punter out there.



The 3.7-inch screen, which clocks in at 480x854 pixels is sensational and sits atop a slide out QWERTY keyboard which has a rather neat bronze d-pad for hopping about the panel when you don’t want to use the digits. Sadly though, the QWERTY sits flush to the left of the device, making it uncomfortable to type on. You’re as well off using the virtual ‘pad instead. The keyboard also means the Motorola Milestone is needlessly chunky.



The Motorola Milestone is unsurprisingly rammed with the features you want from a pricey smartie. We’re talking Wi-Fi, HSDPA and room for a 32GB card for storing your tunes and videos. The 5 megapixel camera is more than ample, but doesn’t measure up to dedicated camphones. Video recording is very straight forward, however, and one touch upload to the web is a welcome addition.



Motorola Milestone

Android 2.0 is such a huge jump from the previous 1.6 iteration and it really shows here. The Motorola Milestone eschews the MotoBLUR skin found on the Motorola DEXT instead using a vanilla version of Google’s OS. The new version packs in plenty of tweaks to ensure things run insanely fast, as well as Google Goggles for visual search. Snap a picture and it’ll search the web for info on that product. It’s very clever and something we’re hugely fond of. Sadly, Google Maps Navigation, the free satnav app, isn’t available here in the UK, although web hacks will let you get involved if you’re that way inclined.


Ease of use

Thanks to Android 2.0 and the easy hot keys down the bottom of the Motorola Milestone, even the biggest technophobe could get to grips with this phone. Setting up the mobile simply requires you to tap in your email address and password and it’ll do the rest. There’s no tinkering required and little in the way of obscure technical terms, something which really sets Android out from the crowd. The physical keyboard is awkward though, and for this the Milestone loses a couple of points.



  • 3.7-inch
  • 4680x854 screen
  • Wi-Fi
  • Android 2.0
  • Video recording
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • Digital compass

Overall mark: 8/10

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