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Steamy Superbowl ad for Motorola

Steamy Superbowl ad for Motorola

The Motorola Devour, which is a streamlined edition of the Milestone, had an appropriate introduction to an audience of millions when Hollywood hot property Megan Fox appeared in an ad to promote the new smartphone during Sunday's Superbowl.

The MotoBlur mobile's social networking capabilities were highlighted in the advert, with Ms Fox playing through a hypothetical scenario showing what might happen if she were to post a picture of her posing in the bath to Twitter and Facebook. What follows is a series of scenes showing dumbstruck men looking at the picture and getting into trouble as a result of their distraction.

See Megan get in a lather about Moto's Android phone here:

Although the tongue-in-cheek nature of the ad is clearly the talking point for many, mobile phone fanboys will have been far more enraptured by the presence of the Motorola Devour.

There were no technical stats included in the ad as the phone's social networking capabilities was being emphasised, but it certainly looks the part.

At the moment, Motorola will not be drawn as to whether the Devour will make it over to the UK, but with many Android phones planned for launch this year, it would be unusual for Motorola to ignore Europe for one of its flagship releases.

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