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  5. Motorola Milestone solves Rubik's Cube

Motorola Milestone solves Rubik's Cube

Motorola Milestone solves Rubik's Cube

The Motorola Milestone has been used as the centrepiece of a new robot that is capable of solving the devilish Rubik's Cube in a matter of seconds.

The robot, which is constructed almost entirely of Lego, has a Milestone mounted above and uses its camera, software and processing power to work out how to solve the puzzle in an amazing 25 seconds flat.

This is not quite up there with the fastest human player, who currently holds a record time below 20 seconds. However, it shows that the 550MHz processor sported by the Milestone is good for more than texting your mates or getting online.

The Lego Mindstorms robot is the product of a team of staff from UK-based chip manufacturer ARM. They created an Android app that integrates with the Milestone's camera to snap the sides of the Rubik's Cube and then transmit this data to the robot wirelessly via Bluetooth in order to get the puzzle solved.

The machine and the smartphone working in unison can be viewed on YouTube and the people behind the project will probably continue to speed up the completion time until human competitors feel rather inadequate.

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