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Vodafone update HTC HD2 ROM

Vodafone update HTC HD2 ROM

Vodafone's UK customers who currently own the HTC HD2 smartphone will be able to download a new version of its software.

Version of the HTC HD2's ROM is being made available to download, although at the moment there is no anecdotal evidence as to what the update actually brings to the phone. You should expect the usual array of tweaks, bug fixes and performance improvements that usually come with these updates.

CAUTION!! If you choose to download and install the update, be aware that doing so will erase any data that you have stored on the HD2. As a result it is ESSENTIAL to backup your information before you start the process so that it can be easily reinstated once the installation has completed.

The HTC HD2 runs on Windows Mobile 6.5 and its large touchscreen display and slender build have made it a favourite with gadget lovers and business users alike.

There were hopes that an update would allow the HD2 to run Windows Phone 7 Series, as it does have the necessary hardware requirements, but this is unlikely for the time being.

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