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LG Viewty Snap surfaces

LG Viewty Snap surfaces

LG has showcased the brand new Viewty Snap, a mobile that follows in the footsteps of some best-selling cameraphones with a range of new photographic features.

The Snap GM360 will feature something called an Optic-all zoom, which suggests that the digital zooming offered by most mobiles will be largely outpaced by this rather more professional offering.

Five years ago the Samsung G800 had an integrated optical zoom, but the trend never really caught on - making the Viewty Snap is a refreshing change of direction.

LG claims that the Viewty Snap's Optic-All zoom is actually an improvement over standard optical zoom because it does not require the bulky, mechanical components that you might expect and yet does not sacrifice the quality of the image as a result.

The South Korean tech company has yet to reveal much more about the handset, although a five megapixel camera and an LED flash will be at the core of its features.

It will also be a touchscreen mobile in the tradition of the series and have 2GB of internal storage space straight out of the box.

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