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HTC HD7: more specs leak

HTC HD7: more specs leak

HTC’s debut Windows Phone 7 smartphone will feature Nokia N8-style Dolby sound, a leak suggests.

O2 network training slides unearthed by Engadget reveal that the handset will be home to Dolby Mobile Sound.

It is not clear is this is a new technology or the same, rather winning Dolby Digital Plus tech that features on Nokia’s latest NSeries model, the N8.

However, it certainty bodes well for the chances of the media-optimised handset, which is also home to a large 4.3-inch touchscreen display, a five megapixel camera and a 1GHz processor.

According to Engadget, which was tipped off by an insider at O2’s German division, the HD7 will go on sale in two weeks time.

Microsoft is due to officially unveil Windows Phone 7 at press events in London and New York on October 11th. Along with the Samsung Cetus, the HD7 is expected to be showcased in full.

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