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  5. Motorola Xoom priced £500+, Wi-Fi access restricted?

Motorola Xoom priced £500+, Wi-Fi access restricted?

Motorola Xoom priced £500+, Wi-Fi access restricted?

The Motorola Xoom could be priced at a wallet-squeezing £500-plus when it drops in the UK, reports suggest, and can only be used on a Wi-Fi network if the owner has a monthly mobile broadband contract.

A leaked ad for the device from US retailer BestBuy has the handset with an eye-watering price point of $800, suggesting that we’re looking at a UK price of some £500 or more – especially given that Brits are usually stung with higher prices than our US cousins.

Motorola had been expected to undercut Apple’s iPad to give their tablet the best chance of making an impact in what is going to be a crowded market. However, assuming the cost being advertised is correct, it would put the Xoom on a par with the costliest 64GB iteration of Apple’s gadget, giving folk scant incentive to choose Moto’s slate.

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But that’s not the only commercially questionable decision Motorola or US carriers appear to have made. In another blow to the Xoom’s odds of competing, it appears that buyers will only be able to activate the device’s Wi-Fi connectivity if they are signed up for a mobile broadband contract of at least one month.

That could be a real blow to the Xoom, too. Especially given that the biggest selling iPad models are the Wi-Fi only editions, suggesting that people see tablets as something to use at home with a fixed line broadband connection rather than a bit of internet-on-the-go kit.




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