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Motorola Droid 3 Android phone specs leak

Motorola Droid 3 Android phone specs leak

Details of the Motorola Droid 3 have leaked online, as Moto looks to reassert its place at Android’s top table after an underwhelming commercial response to the Droid 2X.

The original Droid, retitled the Milestone in the UK, did sterling business in the US and arguably did more to push Google’s OS into the mass market more than any other phone. Alas, the Droid X2 wasn’t anything like as well received, allowing the likes of HTC and Samsung to steal a march on Motorola.

But, somewhat cheeringly, Moto appears to have listened to the criticism and at least tried to put things right for the Droid 3. So while the 2X was deemed to be a mite underpowered, that’s not an accusation you could level at its latest effort which will reportedly back a fast NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor to keep everything ticking over.

motorola droid 3

According to a source cited by Techno Buffalo, it’ll also be home to a large physical QWERTY keyboard with five rows of keys instead of the usual four and a four-inch QHD screen. And to round things off, there’s an eight-megapixel snapper at the rear and a secondary low-grade number at the front for video calling

The insider also reveals that it won’t support 4G networks. But given as how we’re going to be waiting aeons for next-gen mobile tech to come to UK carriers, we wouldn’t have got that anyway.


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