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HTC Desire to be discontinued?

HTC Desire to be discontinued?

The HTC Desire could be not long for this world, amid rumours that the Taiwanese phone maker has stopped production of what was arguably the original blockbuster Android phone.

Rumours that the handset is no longer being made stem from online phone retailer Clove, which claims it has been informed that no more [HTC Desire phones] will be coming in to the UK”.

htc desire

The site stops short of saying that it’s heard that an end to production is definitely on the cards full stop, however. But to us and to TechRadar, which picked up on the story, Clove's disclosure suggests that time may be running out for the 16-month old handset that arguably did more than any other to bring Android to the mass market.

News of the imminent demise of HTC’s one-time wonder phone comes as month by month it's superseded by newer Android kits, not least its successors the Desire S and new additions to Sammy’s Galaxy range .


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