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HTC DLX Deluxe ruled out for UK

HTC DLX Deluxe ruled out for UK

HTC’s bid to snatch some of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s hot phablet action won’t be granted a release in Blighty, an update on an official HTC Facebook page suggests.

Variously dubbed the HTC DLX Deluxe and the HTC Deluxe, the smartphone-tablet cross-breed has leaked extensively online in recent weeks and sounded like a pretty impressive bit of equipment. Not least thanks to spec sheet that takes in Beats by Dre audio tech, a pretty beefy 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon Krait processor and a five-inch Super LCD3 full HD screen.

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But, if a statement on HTC's German Facebook page can be believed, anyone eyeing one should probably get ready to be very disappointed. Or at the very least prepare to be forced to pay an eye-watering price for an imported version from a SIM-free specialist retailer.

HTC's update stated: "The HTC Deluxe will unfortunately not come to Europe."

How much store to set by this is up for debate, however. After all, it could mean simply that HTC plans to rebrand the phone for Europe and that it will arrive in some form eventually.

What’s more, past form tells us that statements on social networking sites – no matter how official they appear – frequently turn out to be very off-message indeed.

Either way, keep ‘em locked here and we’ll do our best to find out more about HTC’s plans in the weeks to come.

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