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  5. HTC Dot View case unveiled for HTC One M8

HTC Dot View case unveiled for HTC One M8

HTC Dot View case unveiled for HTC One M8

HTC opted for the tried and trusted approach when it came to branding for the HTC One M8. But the Dot View cases showcased alongside the handset prove it's still prepared to try something new.

Available from day-one, the cases give the just unveiled handset a retro, dot matrix makeover and are transparent when closed. That means they protect the screen, while still allowing users to see the display.

Cooler still, though, is that the phone can be operated through the case using the One M8's own 'motion launch' silicon.

This is tantamount to an onboard co-processor that's used for some common tasks without burdening the main CPU.

Double tapping on the closed case awakens the HTC One M8, producing a new UI, which can be seen through the Dot View case's holes.

htc one m8 case back

This displays the time, along with notifications, missed calls and voicemails. And all without opening the case.

Also shown is the name of a person calling, with the option to answer a call just by holding the phone up to your ear.

The camera can also be accessed through the case by pressing the volume key to launch the camera app. Pressing it a second time takes the shot.

There is also the more standard flip case on offer, but they aren't as nearly as exciting as the Dot View.

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