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LG G Watch landing in July

LG G Watch landing in July

LG has given the tech press a preview of its forthcoming G Watch, one of the first smartwatches to use Google’s Android Wear platform.

Showing off the device in London, LG said it would be ready for release in July. The Korean company is expected to slap it with a £180 price tag, making it cheaper than key rival Samsung’s Gear 2.

The square design is a far cry from the round Motorola 360, which was revealed alongside the G Watch when Google revealed its plans for Android Wear earlier in the year.

The G Watch is set to be compatible with ‘recent Android phones’, meaning gadget lovers with non-LG devices should be able to get on board. A full list of handsets that work with the watch should be available when it launches.

LG is hoping it can steal a march on Apple, which is expected to unleash its much rumoured iWatch in the autumn.



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