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  5. Motorola Moto X: touch-free voice commands aren't coming to Moto G phones

Motorola Moto X: touch-free voice commands aren't coming to Moto G phones

Motorola Moto X: touch-free voice commands aren't coming to Moto G phones

The best part of eight months after Lenovo acquired Motorola from Google, the phone-maker now has two clear, very distinct smartphone lines.

On one hand, you’ve got the wallet-friendly Moto G and E ranges. On the other, there’s the voice-activated, metal-framed Moto X series, the second generation of which landed at IFA last week.

motorola moto x hands-on

The delineation between lower-end and mid-range devices is pretty clear right now. But given the trickle-down effect of tech, it’s not unreasonable to expect that voice commands might not be exclusive to the Moto X range in the long run, no?

Hmm, apparently it is unreasonable. In an interview with uSwitch Tech, Simon Collins, European GM of Motorola revealed Moto G owners won't be getting the feature. Not anytime soon, anyway.

Collins said: "Right now, this idea of touchless voice is something we have on Moto X. Our plan is to keep it there."

So what to make of all this? Well, we feel it’s a real missed opportunity for Motorola.

moto x and moto g covers

Touchless controls could be a great selling point for Moto phones, especially as voice commands become more and more ingrained in consumers’ usage habits.

And it wouldn’t have to stop Motorola offering distinct grades of handset either.

It would simply mean adopting a strategy along the lines of Microsoft/Nokia’s approach to Windows Phone 8 and the hardware design of the handsets that run the OS.

Nokia phones offer an identical user experience from the low end 520 or 530 to the higher end 925 or 930. The difference between the phones is solely in their spec sheets.

Collins also stressed that consumer customisation will be at the forefront of Motorola’s strategy with forthcoming handsets, as it bids to differentiate itself from the slew of rival Android phone-makers.

He explained: "We will continue to think about customer choice and customisation.

"How we do that, whether we take it the back route or we take a more integrated design, will evolve with the roadmap."

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