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Nokia launches 3G version of 3310

Nokia 3310 new hero image Snake

Nokia brand-owner HMD has revealed a new version of its retro classic 3310. The updated phone now comes with 3G, as well as a series of design tweaks.

A fresh take on the less-is-more 3310 was launched earlier this year as an antidote to the swathe of do–it–all smartphones flooding the market.

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However, with only 2.5G support, accessing web services proved to be slow going. Now though, 3G should at least mean the Nokia 3310 can handle the odd email or web page without too much hassle.

Of course, this does somewhat fly in the face of the original concept of the 3310, aimed at those tired of having to handle notifications and messages wherever they were.

As well as 3G, HMD’s updated Nokia 3310 also comes in new colours, charcoal and azure, and now offers slightly tweaked buttons to make it easier to send texts.

The updated phone will be out later this month, with a likely price point of £60.

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