Check your credit rating

Your credit report contains the information lenders see when they are deciding whether to lend to you or not. If you know what it contains, you will have a better idea of what credit you can apply for.

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Credit reports

Credit reports can be a vital tool for managing your finances – learn how to check your credit rating.

Credit reports are a personal history of all the credit you’ve had, including loans, mortgages, credit cards, and mobile phone contracts.

Potential lenders will use your credit report to make assessments on your financial capabilities, so it can be a good idea to stay ahead of the game and get your online credit rating.

What is a credit report?

Compiled by credit reference agencies, credit reports collect information from your current and previous financial providers about the types of credit you’ve had, how much, and your repayments to create a personalised credit report.

When you apply for credit, potential lenders will want to find out whether you’ll be able to repay the debt by running a credit history check.

In addition to the information on your application, one tool they will use to decide whether or not you are a reliable borrower is your credit report from credit agencies.

Credit rating checks

You can check your free credit rating with any of the three credit reference agencies in the UK – CallCredit, Equifax and Experian credit report.

Whether you get a Call Credit check or an Experian credit report, it’s wise to look at the methods they to check your credit rating.

These agencies compile information about your credit activity and will give this data to providers whenever you apply for a form of credit.

Getting a credit rating check is good as it can help bring to light any issues that may affect your application for future credit, such as a mortgage that show up on a credit history check.

So even if you can get a free credit check online, you may wish to maintain your account in order to continuously monitor your online credit report.

Find out more about credit reports, your credit rating, and tips on avoiding identity theft.

Free credit reports and free credit checks

Just search for ‘free credit report uk’ or ‘credit check free’ and you’ll find a host of supposedly free services offering your credit report online, but how do you know who to trust to get a free credit check online?

Noddle, set up by credit reference agency CallCredit, is a website which offers free credit rating and also recommends certain credit cards and loans based on your online credit rating.

However, Noddle’s product recommendations don’t tend to cover the whole of market, meaning that better deals may be available elsewhere.

While it isn’t free to check your credit report elsewhere, it doesn’t cost a lot – getting hold of your credit report costs just £2 per credit reference agency.

As well as the £2 report, CallCredit, Equifax and Experian also offer free credit check online as temporary introductions to their paid-for services, but your free online credit check is often designed to reel you in to a paid-for service.

Many of the biggest credit reporting agencies offer free credit checks for 30 days before paying a monthly fee, so in reality the marketing of “credit check free” or “free credit report UK” is not going to help you if you need another credit check a month or two down the line.

A free credit rating check may only be useful if you just want a one-off look before you apply for a mobile contract or credit card and don’t want to risk a rejection further harming your credit search.

If you are interested in more information about this, read more in our guide to free credit reports.

Check your credit rating

Whether you get a free credit check online or pay for it, different credit reporting agencies will have different methods of checking your credit score. A Call Credit check will different than an Experian credit report.

For example, an Experian credit report will include information from financial providers that a Call Credit check may not have, and vice versa.

It’s important to check the differences by getting a credit check free is possible before paying for a credit rating check and getting your online credit report.

A credit history check can also reduce your vulnerability to online fraud and improve your security against identity theft.

By using an online credit check company, such as Experian, you can find out where your pertinent details are mentioned and take action to delete them if they make you vulnerable.