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Android mobile phones

The term Android mobile phones refers to cutting-edge handsets that employ the Android operating system.

Developed by Google, Android is an advanced piece of software that brilliantly co-ordinates handsets' functions and resources to ensure that they work as smoothly and quickly as possible. This is essential with today’s multi-functional, complex 'smartphones' which blur the lines between computers and mobile phones.

Why choose an Android mobile phone?

For years, mobile phones’ functionality was determined by the hardware features which were pre-installed on the handset. Android mobile phones have brought an end to this era by allowing consumers to change what their phone is capable of on a daily basis.

This is because Android mobile phones support applications. Simply by visiting the Android Market on their phones, users can download a plethora of useful apps - such as a price comparison tool or a photo editor - and instantly add a brand new functionality to their handset.

Android mobile phone owners also benefit from regular, free-of-charge upgrades to their mobiles' software which bring with them great new features and improve their handset's overall functionality and performance. As a result, Android mobile phone owners need not necessarily pay out regularly for a new mobile phone, but can simply download the latest upgrade to enjoy the best and newest functions that handsets can offer.

Finally, Android mobile phones come with all of Google’s most useful and popular apps pre-installed. That means you’ll get instant access to the likes of Gmail, YouTube, GoogleMaps and Googledocs.

Which Android mobile phones are available to buy?

Android mobile phones are available from almost all the major mobile phone manufacturers. These include HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and LG. Typically phone makers will overlay their own custom user interfaces to the standard Android operating system to make their phones stand out from the competition and put their own unique print on them.

The best rated Android phones are arguably those from HTC and Samsung, both of whose handsets have gone on to be among the biggest-selling Android smartphones so far.

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What does the future hold for Android mobile phone owners?

If some commentators and technology experts are to believed, Android could become the dominant mobile phone operating system in future. Several top industry analysts forecast this will happen by 2015.

Tens of thousands of applications are already available for Android phones, most of which are free to download. And with many more in development, which are set to bring all-new functions to the handsets, Android mobile phone owners can look forward to being at the forefront of mobile phone technology for years to come.

The history of Android mobile phones

Android was initially created by Android, inc and later purchased by Google, which has since taken over its development along with the mobile phone industry body the Open Handset Alliance.

The platform was unveiled in November 2007, but it was not until a year later that the first Android mobile phone went on sale in the UK in the form of the T-Mobile G1. This landmark handset went on to sell over one million units across the globe.

The first update for the operating system had the working title Cupcake, but was dubbed Android 1.5 when it officially launched in April 2009. Among the new features that the new version of Android brought to the handsets was the ability to upload videos to YouTube, new animations between screens and shortcuts and widgets to adorn multiple home screens.

Since then Google has regularly pushed out new iterations of Android, each time augmenting the appeal of Android mobiles and leading the way in bringing new and advanced capabilities to the platform.

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