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Joel Kempson

Articles and guides written by Joel Kempson

Feature image for car brands emitting the most CO2

The car brands emitting the most CO2 from new registrations in 2020

By 2030, all new petrol or diesel cars will be obsolete in a bid to save our planet. But just how much do our cars impact the environment? Uswitch investigated.

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Family moving home in their car

Using your car to move home? Here's how to stay safe and legal on the road

Moving house is stressful enough without the added issue of getting a fine in the process. Make sure you are abiding by the law when moving big furniture.

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Bird poo on car

How to remove tree sap, bird poo and blossom from your car

Tree sap, bird poo and blossom can cause irreversible damage to your car’s paintwork if left. Here's how to remove these common causes of paintwork damage.

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Car driving in the dark and rain

Do you know when to turn your headlights on?

Uswitch’s research reveals that just 17% of drivers know that the Highway Code states that headlights must be used when visibility is reduced to less than 100m.

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Public transport

Would you give up your car to help the environment?

With initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint being launched, we found that 1 in 4 would be willing to give up their car in exchange for free public transport.

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Flood Insurance - Get a Home Insurance for Flood Risk Areas

The right flood insurance policy can cover the cost of replacing items, making repairs and even rebuilding your home. Find your home insurance policy for flood risk areas here.

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