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Byron Simpson

Byron Simpson

Gaming Expert Contributor

About the Author

Byron is a lifelong gamer and specialises in reviewing gaming consoles, the latest video game releases, laptops and mobile phones. In addition to his work at Uswitch, he has been a contributor for since its launch, reviewing products ranging from speakers and gaming laptops to mobile phones and games.

He keeps up to date with all the latest game industry releases and upcoming news. He's fully immersed in gaming, playing Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Byron believes if everyone played more video games the world would be a better place.


  • Xbox Series S

  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

  • Nintendo Switch

  • PC

Articles written by Byron

TalkTalk TV Netgem box
14 November 2023

TalkTalk TV box review

TalkTalk TV has streamlined its services recently. This is our Uswitch review of the Netgem 4K streaming box - which gives you access to plenty of services at a low cost.

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xbox parental controls
31 May 2023

How to set up parental controls on Xbox consoles - Uswitch

Keep your children safe online by setting up Xbox parental controls that restrict screen time, access to mature content and communication with strangers.

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Xbox cloud gaming
31 May 2023

Xbox cloud gaming: everything you need to know

Want to get access to a huge library of gaming to try out and play wherever you have an internet connection? Here's everything you need to know about Xbox cloud gaming.

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child playing on Nintendo Switch
30 May 2023

How to set up Nintendo Switch parental controls - Uswitch

Here's how to set up Nintendo Switch parental controls if you're looking to keep your children safe online – even when they're using family-friendly consoles like the Switch.

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Children playing PlayStation
06 September 2022

How to set up PlayStation parental controls - Uswitch

Set up parental controls on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 to keep your kids safe online, prevent them from spending money or communicating with strangers.

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Handsome Asian Pro Gamer Playing
01 July 2022

Video game genres: every game type explained - Uswitch

With thousands of video games already available, and countless more released each year, how do you decide which ones to get? Find out more about each video game genre and which is right for you.

Read our guide to video game genres
20 May 2022

What is the latest on Microsoft’s gaming streaming service?

Microsoft is rumoured to be developing a game streaming service that wouldn't require gamers to purchase a console. What's the latest and when can we expect to see it available?

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