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Adrian Holliday

Adrian Holliday

Finance and Business Expert Contributor

About the Author

Adrian is all about helping people understand their finances and the businesses and brands they trust. Some of his 'bread and butter' is news, profiles and features for business and personal finance audiences including, Uswitch, New Statesman, London Business School, Director and The Observer.

Articles written by Adrian

Europe breakdown - cars with bonnets up and batteries being charged
04 April 2023

European breakdown cover - Uswitch

A European holiday breakdown is stressful but good quality protection isn’t expensive. Read more to discover the breakdown insurance basics you need at the right price – then get on and enjoy your break.

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Electric car being charged
31 March 2023

Electric car insurance - Uswitch

Making the switch to an electric vehicle is a big step - what do you need to know about electric car insurance before you commit to getting one?

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Car insurance groups – how to find the cheapest cars to insure
07 December 2021

Can you tax a car without insurance?

You must have insurance in place when taxing a car. You can tax your car online or by phone without a physical copy of your insurance document. But the DVLA, will check you have valid car insurance before issuing your car tax.

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British notes and coins
27 July 2021

Car tax refunds explained

If you tell DVLA you’ve sold your car, you are entitled to a Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) road tax refund. It’s easy to do but you may not get back as much as you hoped. Find out how to reclaim your car tax.

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How to claim on your car insurance for storm damage
23 February 2021

How to claim on your car insurance for storm damage - Uswitch

Can you claim on your car insurance if your car has been damaged by extreme weather? Read our guide to learn how to claim if you've been affected.

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Professional mechanic using a laptop computer to check a car engine
18 August 2020

What is Remapping a Car? | ECU Remapping

An engine remap improves your car performance, meaning more power and economy. But what are the remap risks – and could they hit your insurance premium?

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