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Ben Smithson

Content Editor - Personal Finance

About the Author

Ben has more than a decade of experience working in various areas of financial services, including insurance, legal and lending. Originally from Australia, he now helps British consumers understand and find the best personal finance products, including credit cards, mortgages, ISAs and home and life insurance.

He has been quoted on financial topics in numerous publications including Daily Express, Phone Week and The Times.

He has a personal interest in credit card, airline and hotel loyalty programs and has written numerous guides on how to reduce travel expenses through utilising loyalty points and miles, as well as general travel advice.

Articles written by Ben

01 July 2022

Compare pet insurance

Want to protect your cat or dog from unexpected expensive vet bills? Keep your pet healthy and happy and compare pet insurance here.

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Women sat in the car with her hands on her head, demonstrating that she is stressed and anxious
16 March 2021

How to deal with driving anxiety if you’re worried about getting back on the road after lockdown

We reveal how to combat driving anxiety and become more confident behind the wheel.

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Couple having argument in car
28 January 2021

10 common driving habits that could be damaging your relationship

From tailgating to road rage, we asked 1,000 Brits to tell us their biggest driving turn-offs.

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Electric vehicle charging station
24 January 2021

Electric Cars: Drivers Reveal Biggest Worries

From the number of electric charging points to the cost of car insurance, we asked motorists to tell us what worries them about buying an electric vehicle.

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Electric vehicle being charged
19 January 2021

Will an electric car increase the cost of my car insurance?

Aside from reducing carbon emissions, there are a number of ways an electric car can save you money in the long run, Uswitch advises how to do so.

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Motorway cars
07 January 2021

Six Bad Driving Habits that Could Land you a Fine

We explored six of the UK’s most frustrating driving habits in a bid to reveal the consequences you could face if you’re caught in the act.

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09 December 2020

6 confusing Christmas driving questions, answered

Will adding decorations to your car invalidate your insurance? We’ve answered six confusing Christmas driving questions that often leave Brits baffled.

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Tuning radio
02 December 2020

The UK’s Favourite Festive Driving Songs

We surveyed over 1,000 motorists to reveal the UK’s favourite Christmas car songs

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