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Uswitch launches Utrack Money Back demand flexibility scheme

Uswitch has today announced the launch of its demand flexibility scheme, Utrack Money Back.
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Utrack Money Back header

Utrack Money Back is available exclusively through the Utrack app as part of the November 2022 - March 2023 National Grid ESO scheme that many energy suppliers are also participating in. 

While many suppliers' schemes are closed to new applicants, Utrack Money Back is still open - and you can join no matter who your supplier is, as long as you have a smart meter.

Utrack Money Back also passes 100% of the savings that customers earn on to them.

Customers will be paid around £3 for every kWh saved. The actual amount earned will depend on typical usage during the time periods when the sessions run and how much customers reduce their usage by.

Anyone with an electricity smart meter can sign up. To stay informed about when savings sessions are scheduled for and to receive reminders about them, it’s recommended that customers opt in to both push email and push notifications.

For more FAQs about Utrack Money Back, click here.

For terms of service, click here.