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OnePlus 5 rumours: what we know so far

The OnePlus 5, the mobile maker’s next generation smartphone, is on its way. That much we know for sure.

Following the success of last year’s warmly received OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T, the smartphone company is thought to be readying a device that every inch the equal of Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 8.

So, what’s the inside line? Read on and we’ll tell everything you need to know.

Launch imminent

oneplus 5 teaser

OnePlus’s CEO, Pete Lau, has been teasing the company’s new device via Weibo, China’s biggest social media platform.

One post shows a group of cartoon characters beavering away on a new handset, replete with OnePlus’ Never Settle hashtag.

Not a huge amount to go on, but it does confirm that something new is in the pipeline.

It's called OnePlus 5. Not OnePlus 4

OnePlus 3T hero image

It might seem odd that OnePlus is jumping from the OnePlus 3T to the OnePlus 5. But there’s a good reason.

Four is considered unlucky in OnePlus's home territory of China. And with so much riding on the company's next phone, it's perhaps no surprise that the handset-maker isn't taking any chances.

High-grade camera

Reports earlier this year pointed towards OnePlus going all out with the camera on the OnePlus 5.

Could this make it more than a match for Sony’s top–end Xperia devices and iPhone 7 Plus’s dual lens camera too?

The proof is the pudding, though. And as the crisp low-light image accompanying the teaser tweet from OnePlus confirms, the next-gen handset's camera is shaping up to be a very tasty treat indeed.

Dual lens camera

OnePlus confirmed that the 5 will come with a dual lens camera by tweeting an image of its latest handset alongside the caption, “dual camera. Better photos”.

This will definitely help OnePlus compete with Apple, who wowed consumers by adding a dual-lens camera to last year’s iPhone 7.

Huge, long-life battery


Last year’s OnePlus 3T came with a huge 3400 mAh battery, offering up to 36 hours of power.

Now it looks as if the OnePlus 5 will go one better, offering a 4000 mAh power pack designed to keep kicking for two days.

In this smartphone age, that’s mightily impressive.

Throw in the Dash Charge USB–C feature which has made OnePlus so popular, and you’re looking at the single best reason to snap up this indie Android handset.

Four colourways

OnePlus teased another image on Twitter, this time of four colour options, along with the caption, “What 5hould the colour of your next phone be?”

The image suggests that the OnePlus 5 will come in black, red, gold and what appears to be a turquoise, pink and lilac gradient, which is basically all the colours of a unicorn-mermaid hybrid.

Metal body

OnePlus 5 leak dual lens camera

OnePlus has shared a couple of official images of the OnePlus 5. It looks like it’s almost certainly made of metal, with curved edges and slimmer bezels than its predecessors.

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